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JUNE 2023

Date & Time: 2023-06-24 (Saturday), 11:00am
Total Viewers: 1,800 Pax

In June 2023, Atomy Malaysia hosted its monthly Success Academy gathering, filled with excitement and anticipation. The highlight of the event was the long-awaited launch of our latest GSGS Product, Atomy Ramen Goreng. After teasing our audience for a considerable time, we finally revealed our very own creation, creating a buzz among members. The gathering brought together enthusiastic individuals who were eager to witness the unveiling of this highly anticipated product. The event served as a platform to share knowledge, motivation, and celebrate the remarkable achievement of introducing Atomy Ramen Goreng to the market.

Emcee & Company Motto by Finics Yong, Diamond Master & Kainnie Liew, Diamond Master

Akuan Sumpah (Oath reciting) - Haji Raimi, SRM

Company Greeting Speech by Mr Alex Lee, Chief Global Officer
The Chief Global Officer, Mr. Alex Lee, made a triumphant return to this month's Success Academy, filling the room with a sense of excitement and nostalgia. As he took the stage, his presence ignited a renewed enthusiasm among the attendees. Mr. Alex Lee expressed his heartfelt appreciation for being back and seeing familiar faces, emphasizing the deep sense of unity that sets Atomy apart from other companies. He highlighted the exceptional culture that has been carefully cultivated, providing a solid foundation for personal growth and achievement. The room resonated with his words, reminding everyone of the shared purpose that had brought them together. It was an absolute honor to have Mr. Alex Lee grace the event and generously share his invaluable wisdom with all in attendance.

Welcome Speech - Alex Ong, RM @ Royal Leaders Club
Alex Ong, RM @ Royal Leaders Club, took the stage with an electrifying presence, delivering an uplifting and empowering speech that highlighted the exceptional qualities of Atomy members. His words resonated deeply with the audience, instilling a renewed sense of pride and motivation. As he spoke, he introduced the upcoming lineup of speakers, igniting excitement for the knowledge and inspiration they would impart. His powerful message encouraged the audience to embrace the concept of success and strive for greatness.

Why Atomy - Nimisa Fung, STM @ Leaders Club
Nimisa Fung, STM @ Leaders Club, captivated the audience with her remarkable speech, shedding light on what sets Atomy apart from others in the industry. She eloquently expressed how Atomy's unique approach has revolutionized the business landscape. Sharing her personal journey, Nimisa touched hearts as she recounted her successful story of not only providing for her family but also ensuring her beloved daughter receives the best education possible. Her unwavering dedication to her family's well-being and the remarkable accomplishment of sending her daughter to specialized international schools for special needs left a profound impact on the audience. Nimisa's speech showcased the possibilities and opportunities that abound within the company.

Member's Story - Haji Raimi, SRM
Haji Raimi, SRM, took the stage with his infectious humor and lively personality, leaving the audience in stitches with his uproarious speech. As a pensioner who unexpectedly discovered Atomy, he regaled the crowd with amusing anecdotes of how he stumbled upon the endless opportunities and doors the company provided. His comedic approach had the audience simultaneously amused and filled with joy for his remarkable achievements. Haji Raimi's speech showcased the boundless possibilities that can emerge even in unexpected circumstances, inspiring others to embrace the unexpected and find laughter along the path to success.

New GSGS Product Launching - VYNCE CHIA, Product Development Product Manager & Priscilla Lee, Nutritionist
The highly anticipated moment arrived as we finally unveiled our latest masterpiece, Atomy Ramen Goreng. After weeks of teasing and leaving people in suspense, the crowd erupted with excitement as the product was revealed. The advertisement shot had everyone in awe, as the teasers had sparked their curiosity and anticipation. Thrilled by its presence, attendees flocked to the foyer to catch a glimpse of the product, treating it like a superstar. The air was filled with enthusiasm as people eagerly took the opportunity to snap pictures with Atomy Ramen Goreng that has NO MSG and tons more healthy components!

Dreams to Reality - Kenny Yong, STM @ Leaders Club
Kenny Yong, STM @ Leaders Club, delivered a captivating speech titled "Dreams to Reality." With passion and eloquence, he shared his personal journey of transforming aspirations into tangible achievements. Providing valuable insights and practical tips, Kenny inspired the audience to pursue their dreams with meticulous planning and deliberate actions. His speech instilled motivation and empowerment, encouraging everyone to believe in their dreams and work diligently towards their fulfillment.

Life Scenario Sharing - Herda Ismail

Life Scenario Sharing - Liew Mei Yun, SM

Sales Automation - YK Lai, STM @ Leaders Club
In an inspiring speech by YK Lai, STM @ Leaders Club, the audience was enlightened on the path to becoming an auto sales master. With unwavering determination and a strong sense of discipline, YK Lai emphasized the importance of knowing what you want and taking decisive actions to achieve your goals. Drawing from personal experiences, he highlighted the significance of leadership skills in navigating the competitive landscape of the auto sales industry. YK Lai's speech served as a guiding light, motivating the audience to embrace their ambitions and persistently work towards mastering their craft.

Mastership Promotion
Well done to all the recently promoted Sales Masters for taking the first step in your path towards success, financial independence, and a balanced life!

Road to Success - Choi Si Hyuk, CRM @ Crown Leaders Club
Choi Si Hyuk, CRM @ Crown Leaders Club, commanded the stage as he delivered a captivating speech. With unwavering confidence, he graciously shared his personal journey within the company, captivating the audience with his compelling words. The Crown Master's remarkable presence and message resonated deeply, leaving everyone feeling inspired and motivated to forge their own paths to success. Choi Si Hyuk's speech ignited a renewed sense of ambition and determination among the listeners, encouraging them to embrace their potential and strive for greatness.

Thank you to all interpreters, Usherettes and volunteers for making this event a success!

Closing event by reciting the company motto, see you next time!

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