Atomy Malaysia Center Leader Conference December 2022

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Atomy Malaysia Center Leader Conference December 2022

Date: 14 December 2022 (Wednesday)
Venue: Wyndham Acamar Klang (Hybrid Zoom meeting)
Total participant: 456pax (Offline) & 50 pax (Online)

After 3 years have passed due to Covid 19 pandemic, finally we were able to gather with all Center Leaders throughout Malaysia. Throughout these challenging years, we have achieved many things together. If we recall 2 years ago, how we went through various delivery problems when covid 19 started to spread and caused some delay issues in delivering products to customers' doorstep, but all of that was shouldered together because of the strong mutual understanding between the company and all the Malaysia Center Leaders. Thank you for your patience and absolute service quality! What Atomy Malaysia achieved today is the strong support that we received from all of you, our beloved center leaders. We know it was not an easy journey for you all. We cherish your dedication, and your efforts to work beyond the boundaries in serving all Atomians. Together, we will make our 2023, even brighter and better.

The objective of organizing this Conference is to equip all Center Leaders with the skills and knowledge required in operating their Centers. To make sure all Center Leaders are “Fit” and “Ready” to receive crucial knowledge transfer, we organized a warm-up session before the event started.

As usual, all official programs held by the company will begin by reciting the company motto.

Welcome Speech : Sewon Kim (Malaysia Country Manager)

Mr. Sewon Kim, Country Manager - In his speech, he reminds all the leaders that 2023 will not be an easy journey for all leaders. He also highlighted that in 2020 when covid 19 just started, we managed to turn it around to become positive and better. He also motivates all the leaders by sharing his vision in “1 Billion Ringgit sales”

EC Commmittee Speech: Ah Bong, Star Master @ Leaders Club.

A young role model who achieved his dreams, and also the representative of Education Center Leader Club Committee. He reminds all the center leaders to work together, and continually improve skills to serve all members better no matter which center they visit.

Marketing Report: Mr Kent, Marketing Manager

In his presentation, He gave an extensive report of activities and updates the company has done or is going to have in the near future. He further invites 2 staff from other departments to talk about upcoming product planning.

GSGS and Product Report: Caiden(Product Regulatory Affairs Manager) and Verselle (GSGS Manager)

Offline Seminar in Center Operation(Leaders Sharing): Monica Chin, Star Master

Monica Chin is well known for her appearance at Malaysia Success Academy as emcee, however this time around she is in sharing her tips in organizing offline activities in her center. Participants learned a lot of effective ways inviting members to the center.

Customer Service as Center Leader(Leaders Sharing): Patricia Soon, Diamond Master

Patricia Soon is always a good role model when it comes to customer service topics. By adapting her customer handling experience in the airlines industry, she managed to serve Atomians better in her center. All center leaders appreciated her sharing.

Group discussion: 20 teams

This was a group breakout discussion of 20 teams, everyone gave creative ideas and they drafted out their plan. The ideas are definitely valuable and can be adapted in the right situation.

Center Leader Attitude and Mindset: Justin Ooi, Sharon Rose Master @ Leaders Club Member

In his speech, he shares the importance and effects of Center Leader's Attitude and Mindset. As a successful Center Leader with the rank of Leaders Club, we can learn and duplicate a lot from him.

Justin is one of the EC committee representatives and an experienced center leader. The right attitude and mindset for a center leader are needed, and when we learn from top leaders with a lot of experience, we will improve more. He emphasizes the importance of having a good attitude while serving the Atomians and the right businessman mindset as a center leader. Next is the 3x shortlisted team for the final group presentation.

Group Presentation: 3 x Shortlisted group




These 3 shortlisted teams are definitely the right team that might will walk away with our grand prize. Their dedication and team hard work can be seen from the pre-assessment task where they put all their time and hard work into the pre-assessment video submission. Their video will be played in our coming Monthly Center Leader Meeting as it shows a very good guideline and role model to all other center leaders. The idea that they shared is a creative, detailed idea and something that is workable.

While waiting for the final mark’s accumulation from the judges, company has arranged a 25x lucky draw to appreciate all the center leaders.

Lucky Draw Session x20 Atomy Product total worth RM800
Atomy Birdnest Drink+ Atomy HemoHIM+ Atomy Derma Real Cica Set

Lucky Draw Session x5 Atomy Product total worth of RM3,000
Atomy Birdnest Drink+ Atomy HemoHIM+ Atomy Derma Real Cica Set + Atomy Pomegranate Mixed Fruit Jelly + Atomy Probiotics Plus + Atomy Shake 2.0 Botanical Beverage Mix Soya with Green Tea + Atomy Noni Botanical Beverage Noni with Calamansi + Atomy Manuka Honey 830 + Absolute CellActive Skincare set*1Set + Atomy Klang Traditional Herbal Broth

Congratulations to all 25 lucky draw winners. Next is the most awaited session is the prize presentation of the best 3 groups.

2nd runner-up winner: Group 18

The prize for 2nd runner-up is RM7,000 cash value for any use in center enhancement + Product worth RM5,000.

1st runner-up winner: Group 19

The prize for 1st runner up is RM10,000 cash value for any use in center enhancement + Product worth RM5,000.

Grand Prize winner: Group 20

The prize for Grand Place is RM20,000 cash value for any use in center enhancement + Product worth RM5,000.

Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you to all the leaders for participating in this conference. We hope all leaders enjoyed the group activities we have organized for this round of conferences. We also hope that all the knowledge that has been shared by the speakers in this workshop can be implemented by all center leaders in managing their center's daily operations. And not forgotten thanks to all contributors, volunteers, and also our lovely interpreters! Thank you and see you again at our next center leaders conference!


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