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Date & Time: 2021-06-26 (Saturday) , 2:00pm - 6:00pm
Venue: Atomy Malaysia (Home Edition)
Total Viewers: 3,475 pax (1,155 from Youtube, 1,131 from Zoom, 1,189 from Fb)

This month's Atomy Malaysia Online Success Academy is done via Home Edition due to the extended FMCO as mandated by the Malaysian government. As a responsible company, we abide by the rules and do our very best to bring you, your monthly dose of the Success Academy from the comfort of your home!

Akuan Sumpah (Oath reciting) and Company Motto by Finics Yong, Sales Master and the host of the Success Academy

Greeting Speech by Country Manager. Mr. Sewon Kim - In his speech, he talks about the importance of Bonding which happens to be this month's Online Success Academy theme. Bonding is an crucial aspect to achieve success. Bonding between you and your partners, as well as bonding between members and company!

Company Introduction - Jeannie Kwan, Diamond Master
Jeannie Kwan started her journey in the Atomy Business as she has seen how her parents succeeded in becoming Leaders Club members of Atomy Malaysia. She is only 18 years old and already achieved the ranking of Diamond Master, what a great start and an example for other youths to follow!

Product Introduction - Coei Tan, SRM @ Leaders Club
A loving wife and a mother of 2 children, who's life has not been easy. Coei strives to make an honest living, especially after her husband was involved in a car accident. Her life changed 360 after she met Atomy, in terms of financials and wellbeing! In her session, she shares about the Atomy Shake Soya!

Special Message from Atomy Malaysia Leaders - United in Atomy to Eradicate the Pandemic!

Balanced Life Scenario VOD by Chairman Dr. Park Han Gill - Always ask ourselves, have we given it our best try? Or did we only do it half-heartedly?
Chairman Dr. Park Han Gill always shares important life lessons in his lectures to encourage us into being, not only successful, but also decent human beings.

Life Scenario Sharing by Members - Hui Yan, Sales Master & Esther Phan, Member

Auto Sales Master - Tun Nurul Huda, SRM @ Royal Leaders Club
An ex-tv personality and an entrepreneur by profession and passion, Tun Nurul Huda shares tips regarding the 8 Steps to her session of Auto Sales Master. She shares that even though physical businesses currently have to cease, Atomy is a promising and full-proof business.

Mastership Promotion Ceremony hosted by Finics, Sales Master

Sales Master Achiever and representative - Tan Yi Min, Sales Master

Congratulations to all newly promoted Sales Master for achieving the first step in your journey to success, financial freedom and life balance!

Diamond Master Achiever and representative - Joan Tee, Diamond Master

Congratulations to all Diamond Master achievers! You have taken a big long stride in the right direction towards inevitable success!

A big heartfelt Congratulations to all New Sharon Rose Masters of Atomy Malaysia! Jesvy Siow, Michelle Lee, Jaiden Tan & Chi Li, Felicia Teo!

Thank you to all interpreters of the day for making the Success Academy accessible by everyone. Your contribution is much appreciated by all Atomians!

Closing event by reciting the company motto, see you next time!

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