ONLINE SUCCESS ACADEMY (May 2021) Appreciation

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Date & Time :2021-05-29 (Saturday) , 2:00pm - 6:00pm
Venue : Atomy Malaysia Wyndham Acmar Hotel
Total Viewers : 3,457 pax (1383 from Youtube, 1092 from Zoom, 982 from Fb)

Akuan Sumpah (Oath reciting) and Company Motto by Finics Yong, Sales Master and the host of the Success Academy

Greeting Speech by Country Manager, Mr. Sewon Kim - In his speech, he highlighted that success in the Atomy business is not an individual's effort, but more towards teamwork and collective intelligence.

Company Introduction - Jessica Pun, Sharon Rose Master
A dedicated housewife and loving mother who used to depend fully on her husband who was the sole bread winner of the family. At first she was skeptical towards the Atomy business, today she is a Sharon Rose Master with stable passive income.

Product Introduction - Sasha How, Sharon Rose Master @ Leaders Club & Chen Wee Keat, Diamond Master
In this session, the duo team up to review and talk about Atomy Bubble Hair Cream and The All-New Atomy Botanical Beverage Mix Psyllium Husk with Prune. Have you tried the new product yet? Get yours now!

In conjunction with the month of May theme 'Appreciation' and in conjunction with Parents day, a special video was played where children expressed their hearts to their parents.

Balanced Life Scenario VOD by Chairman Dr. Park Han Gill - A Success Academy would never be complete without an inspirational lecture by Atomy Founder and Chairman, Dr. Park Han Gill. Dream vividly, because one day you can turn your dreams into Reality!

Life Scenario Sharing by Members - Loh Kah Wee & Azlina Didi

Auto Sales Master - Abdullah Ismail, SRM @ Leaders Club
A humble man with humble beginnings sharing about the strategy to achieve Auto Sales Master in the Atomy business. It is not easy, but it is also not impossible. With the right technique and perseverance, everyone can achieve Auto Sales Master in Atomy!

Special Performance by Andre Ang & Tai Kai Lynn

Mastership Promotion Ceremony hosted by Jayden & Finics, Sales Master

Sales Master Achiever and representative - Hoe Zi Jing, Sales Master

Congratulations to all newly promoted Sales Master for achieving the first step in your journey to success, financial freedom and life balance!

Diamond Master Achiever and representative - Ong Kah Hui, Diamond Master

Congratulations to all Diamond Master achievers! You have taken a big long stride in the right direction towards inevitable success!

Sharon Rose Master achiever and representative - Shannon Tan, Sharon Rose Master

A big heartfelt Congratulations to all New Sharon Rose Masters of Atomy Malaysia!

Congratulations to all new Leader's club members! May your leadership bring all members perseverance and hope to someday meet at the top! Never give up!

Congratulations to our newly promoted Royal Leaders Club member, Dr. Tengku Asmadi, Star Master @ Royal Leaders Club! Your achievement is an inspirational example and goal for many to follow!

Congratulations to all our Newly promoted Atomy Malaysia Star Masters!
May your success milestones continue to give inspiration to all members to put all their effort in the Atomy business!

Congratulations to our newly promoted Royal Masters, Finn & Teh, Meina & Alan and Sophia & Leonard! This ranking is a prestigious ranking just 2 steps away from the highest ranking of Imperial Master!

History is made today as Atomy Malaysia presents its first ever Crown Master! This ranking is just 1 step away from the highest achievement of Imperial Master in Atomy.
Well done and hats off to Jac & Fenn, Crown Master @ Crown Leaders Club

Closing event by reciting the company motto, see you next time!

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