Atomy Shines in the US Market, Home of Direct Sales

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Atomy Shines in the US Market, Home of Direct Sales
10 years since launching, Proudly growing at an average annual rate of 32.22%

Atomy USA, the first runner of Global Atomy, celebrated its 10th anniversary.
To celebrate the 10-year anniversary, the USA office held a celebratory Success Academy in August.
In his remark, US Branch Director Hyung-woo Yu said,
"Over the past decade, we have secured a solid foundation in the USA market by creating a customer base and establishing the Success System.The next ten years will show Atomy USA flying up the runway and high into the sky."
The office has set this year's keyword as a 'New Beginning,' which stands for its take-off for the next decade

New Beginning

The USA office's beginning was a "New Beginning" itself.
Having the title of Atomy's first regional office meant that its opening was the beginning of Global Atomy.
Truthfully, new beginnings are never easy.
This was the case for the Atomy USA as well.
"We were confident that we could succeed here, but it was not easy to cover the entire United States," said former Branch Director Dae-hyun Kim, current Atomy CEO and who led Atomy's entrance into the USA market.
"Without the spirit of 'Super-Synergy of United Heart,' Atomy USA, as well as Global Atomy, would have been in a stalemate."
Dae-hyun Kim traveled across the states dozens of times in the first three years.
In order to increase the Americans' awareness of Atomy, a South Korean company, it was necessary to make them hear the word "Atomy" as much as possible.
However, the land area of the USA is almost 100 times larger than Korea.
For a simple comparison, if it took about a week to travel across Korea, it would 100 weeks–about two years–to travel across the US.
This is why Chairman Han-Gill Park trusted the leaders to have the Super-Synergy of United Heart.
He asserted that it was not about being on whose side but rather on Atomy's side.
Despite such difficulties, Atomy USA recorded sales of 4.9 billion won in its first year.
In the early days, the Success Academy was held twice a year, each in the first and second half of the year, alternating between Seattle and LA in the west, and both in New Jersey in the east.
The distance between Seattle and LA is over 1,800km, about two round trips from Seoul to Busan.
Early on, many members were willing to drive about 40-hour round trips to go to both Seattle and LA to attend all seminars.
Although it is the home of direct sales and the world's largest market, the US market was challenging for a Korean company.
Atomy's powerful desire to realize its dream, confidence in its benchmark, "Absolute Quality and Absolute Price," and the joint effort based on the Super-Synergy of United Heart boldly knocked on this tough market.
For ten years since then, the seeds Global Atomy planted with the passion of Atomymians, the principle of Absolute Quality Absolute Price, and the spirit of Super-Synergy of United Heart have grown the USA office into a tree with sturdy roots, strong stems, and lush leaves.
In 2019, sales amounted to 61.3 billion won, more than 12 times higher than sales in 2010.
The average annual growth rate over the nine years reached 32.22%.
The number of members as of 2019 was about 260,000.
From January to July this year, cumulative sales were 38.8 billion won, a 33.84% growth compared to the same period last year, demonstrating a robust growth trend despite the pandemic.

Seminars for one person in the beginning - now focusing on online seminars

In the early days, Atomy USA's start was, in some ways, worse than the famous "failing duck soup restaurant."
When a seminar was held, one speaker would give non-stop lectures about products, marketing plans, and visions for three to four hours.
They even had held seminars for one attendee if they heard anyone was interested in the business.
Every audience mattered back then.
In fact, there were quite a few times when they had only one person sitting in a seminar.
The leaders carried seminar equipment, such as speakers and microphones, in their cars to the Regional One-day Seminar venues.
More, when touring across the states, traveling five to ten hours from city to city, they stopped the car only to refuel and ate ramen together at shelters along the road many times.
Then, it was not once they would detour to make a visit upon hearing that someone interested in Atomy was near.
Thinking about it now, one can't help but wonder where that passion came from.
They were able to overcome this difficult time thanks to the Super-Synergy of United Heart spirit.
With that mindset, the USA branch began to see stable growth as the leaders from Korea came to the USA one by one to deliver messages.
As Atomy's success system began to take shape in the US, local lecturers and leaders began to appear.
Since 2017, US Success Academies and one-day seminars have been completely handled by local instructors.
Today, the office divides the country into four regions and assign lecturers to seven to nine cities in each region.
Recently, Korean, Spanish, and Chinese lectures were conducted separately along with English, and a Spanish Success Academy was held separately.

Another thing that Atomy USA focused on was the online seminars using Zoom.
It was not easy to send lecturers outside of the regular One-Day Seminar areas.
This is why the office has been working hard to ramp up the web seminars for the past three years.
It fitted in perfectly with the global pandemic hitting as if they had prepared.
The pandemic crisis worked as a chance to turn members who had neglected their Atomy businesses because of work or being self-employed back to Atomy.
The effectiveness of web conferencing is proven because many had found it hard to attend offline seminars late in the evening after work.
The marketing team of Atomy USA said, "Web meetings and the Atomy business are the perfect pair. Even when the pandemic subsides, we will continue to strengthen online seminars."

GSGS, Showing American Absolute Quality Absolute Price

In the US market, various products imported from around the world compete freely.
Retail giants are in an ultra-low price war, and there are also ultra-high-priced markets that ordinary people cannot even dream of.
The USA market is perhaps the freest competitive market on the planet and the market in which consumers' choices apply most strongly.
Therefore, the Global Sourcing and Global Sales (GSGS) strategy in the USA has the potential to create the best synergy with Atomy's "Absolute Quality Absolute Price" principle.
The USA branch started the GSGS by releasing Himalayan Pink Salt and Organic Black Chia Seed in 2018, and in 2019, the GSGS project truly began.
Starting with Vitamin B Complex last year, Organic Oatmeal and US Probiotics were launched, and Plant Calcium and dried figs are planned to be released this year.
They are developing products in various categories, such as Vitamin D3, Multi-Vitamins, Protein Shakes, Health Functional Foods, Beauty, Food, and Living, to launch next year.
The share of the GSGS products in total sales increased to 7.5% from last year's 0.4% as of the first half of this year and is expected to account for more than 30% by 2023.
"The GSGS strategy of the USA office is not a price competition but rather providing a product at a more competitive price.
If it is recognized as a "masstige" product in the USA market, it will secure competitiveness in the global market as well," said Branch Director Hyung-woo Yu.

△ Early Seattle seminars

△ Current seminars with participants from diverse backgrounds

△ American GSGS products

  Hyung-woo Yu USA Branch Director

Now is the Atomy USA's True Beginning!
Atomy's uniqueness is its competitive edge in the US market

"Atomy's competitiveness in the USA market? That's Atomy's uniqueness that no other company has–absolute quality and absolute price and a fair compensation plan," said Branch Director Hyung-woo Yu, who has led Atomy USA since 2013. "With that uniqueness, Atomy will now take off from the runway. This is the New Beginning".
"When he became the director for the office, ""survival"" was the immediate goal.
How to survive the USA market.
The key was how to deliver Atomy well to the various racial groups that make up American society beyond the Korean-American community.
Other than the products and the vision, there were not enough proven materials to be presented at the time, and few leaders were well-versed in the language and culture.
"As for seminars, we had no choice but for the same people to keep giving the lectures. We had to overcome at that time, no matter what."
At the time, the Super-Synergy of United Heart was a sheer force. Director Yu expressed his deep gratitude to the leaders who gave speeches passionately despite the long flight times, jet lag, and long schedules during those difficult times.
"As the seminar system found its place, the director found some new concerns. Would Atomy products be recognized by people of different backgrounds? And would the business people be able to generate income through them? The best method was to create an environment where people could easily participate in the success system across the USA, like in Korea. But it was virtually impossible to cover the entire USA, the world's third-largest country by land area. Because of this, Hyung-woo Yu decided to turn to online seminars instead of offline ones.
He said, "We focused on providing quality content so that web meetings could secure their place. That was three years ago. As online seminars were firmly established, COVID-19 happened. Now, the share of the online system has grown exponentially."
Better safe than sorry. Thanks to having "prepared" in advance, the branch is able to perform amid the pandemic."
"Director Yu calls this year a ""New Beginning,"" As Atomy USA has focused on securing its stability for ten years, it is now time to focus on growing. Atomy's competitiveness in the US market has been confirmed. Now is to dive into the center of the market.
"We need to create content that can enter mainstream society. At the same time, it is important to develop GSGS products that are suitable for the Latin American market, as US products have a clear advantage in the Latin American market. Atomy USA has grown steadily for a decade in the home of direct sales, but I don't think that's an achievement to be proud of yet. 'New Beginning' is the start of making results that I myself can accept," said Yu.
 Jae-gwang Shim Atomy USA Royal Master

Let's Be a Proud Atomian!
Atomy, a Global Direct Sales Company Ahead of the Times

Atomy USA Royal Master Jae-gwang Shim wanted to be free from money, but laundry delivery alone was not enough.
He was up to do any trivial jobs to earn additional income.
That was when he met Atomy.
He had found the opportunity to meet Atomy in America, the land of opportunity.
"I thought an opportunity had come," said Shim.
"I wanted to become a free person—someone not restricted by time or money. Atomy gave me that opportunity."
It was ironic that he had come to the USA to seize an opportunity to become a free person, and seized the opportunity to become a free person with Atomy, a Korean company.
Royal Master Shim often recalls the time when he had instant ramen lunches in his car.
"It was during the very early stages of our business. I was driving on a rainy highway with Dae-hyun Kim, and we ate ramen in the car. We were hungry, but it was raining and no rest stops were in sight. That was the most delicious ramen I have ever had in my life. It feels like just yesterday, but it has already become a memory."
Jae-gwang Shim is grateful to Atomy for just being able to reminisce about the difficult times.
He still can't forget the joy of learning Atomy's compensation plan for the first time and realizing that he could succeed here.
For Master Shim, Atomy is a company that meets the trends of the times and will become a leading global company that surpasses Amazon.
This is why he says this confidently. "Let us be proud Atomians. We are saving people's lives."

  Florence Lindo Atomy USA Star Master

Atomy, the Hope of All My Dreams!
Keep doing ATOMY until you reach your goals!

"No one understood why I was quitting my job as a nurse to sell toothpaste and toothbrushes. Even my children. However, I was convinced that Atomy would make my dreams come true!"
A registered nurse's annual salary in the USA is about 80 million won.
In July 2016, Star Master Florence Lindo gave up her handsome salary and chose Atomy.
It was nine months after meeting Atomy when she hadn't even reached Sales Master yet, and the name "Atomy" was still unfamiliar.
Her dream was to become an independent businesswoman and free herself from time and economic constraints.
Florence Lindo became a Leader's Club member in August 2018 and became a Star Master in March 2019.
Meanwhile, Atomy USA enjoyed stable growth and released more and more products.
On top of Global Atomy's growth, more people were able to learn about and meet Atomy.
Florence Lindo's dream flourished along with Atomy's growth as well.
"Atomy is my hope and dream. It will become the world's best direct sales company. That's why I can't give up until I make my dream come true."



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