“Atomy You Can Trust and Use,” A Key Phrase To Pursue Now and In The Future

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“Atomy You Can Trust and Use,” A Key Phrase To Pursue Now and In The Future
Beyond Quality and Price, Earning Trust at All Stages of Consumer Activity

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Atomy? Maybe its “Absolute Quality Absolute Price,” or “joint efforts,” “network marketing,” “consumer-centered,” etc. So what could be Atomy’s ultimate goal? You may think of “global hub of distribution” or “sustainable company.” Then what is the key phrase that embodies all these images and phrases about Atomy that should be pursued now and in the future? Perhaps it is “Atomy You Can Trust and Use,” which holds several meanings. Because trust must be earned at every stage of consumer activity beyond just quality and price you can trust.

It Starts With Absolute Quality Absolute Price
“Absolute Quality Absolute Price” is the motto that has enabled Atomy to see rapid growth since its foundation in 2009. Without competitive quality and pricing, ten consecutive years of sales growth, or more than 3 million members registered in Korea would not have been possible. Atomy does not promote advertising nor take part in aggressive marketing tactics. Its success can only be explained because the products that Atomy sells have earned the trust of its consumers. Atomy Chairman Han-Gill Park emphasized that “Absolute Quality” is a promise to consumers that Atomy must keep.
How does Atomy achieve Absolute Quality Absolute Price? The first step in Absolute Quality begins with raw materials. Good quality comes from premium raw materials. Atomy and its partnering companies always strive to secure the finest raw materials in the market.
Atomy HemoHIM passes through each rigorous quality test in three stages- cultivation, purchase, and processing- to obtain the highest level of raw ingredients. Atomy’s Deep Sea Water is collected through a seamless water pipe. And Atomy procures a yearly supply for Atomy Salted Mackerel all at once during the fall when Norwegian mackerel is of the highest quality.
These premium raw materials must pass through optimal technologies and processing which include the micro-encapsulation technology containing peptides with cell receptor binding function in Atomy’s Absolute CellActive skincare line, the micronization and ultra-fine grinding technologies in Atomy’s Red Ginseng, the high-purity ceramide stabilization technology in Atomy’s Cerabebe, and the extraction technology of naturally fermented kelp in Atomy’s Kelp Soy Sauce.
These top technologies have become the foundation for the birth of Atomy’s “masstige” products that many consumers seek. Such masstige goods produced by the best raw materials and state-of-the-art technologies can reach Absolute Quality status through continuous quality control. To maintain products of Absolute Quality, Atomy partners with SGS Korea, a global consulting firm with expertise in inspection, certification, and technology. Through such rigorous quality control, Atomy has contained a return rate within 0%~1% for the past decade, laying the groundwork towards “Atomy You Can Trust And Use.”
The Absolute Price that Atomy pursues began with the words of Chairman Park. He stated, “We must set a price from the very beginning that no one can beat, no matter how hard the competition may try.” These very words set the price of HemoHIM at about one-fourth of that of its competitors. Since then, HemoHIM has become Atomy’s best-selling product with sales reaching nearly 200 billion KRW per year.
Atomy’s Absolute Price is determined by various factors to reduce costs. First of all, it offers mass sales through a global market of 5.5 million members. Atomy also minimizes financial costs for its partnering companies by making cash payments within one week of delivery, ensuring a stable sales channel to encourage advancements in processing and technology.
Of course, Atomy is very dedicated to lowering prices through its own efficient management and cost-cutting strategies. According to a 2018 audit report released in the Data Analysis, Retrieval and Transfer (DART) system of the Financial Supervisory Service of Korea, Atomy’s sales and management costs accounted for only 10.3%. This shows that Atomy is not only relying on keeping prices low through its partnering companies but also making strenuous efforts to cut costs on its own.

Corporate Culture That Drives Consumer Support
Atomy, which started with the Absolute Quality Absolute Price motto, has been building trust in consumers over 10 years while never losing sight of its original commitment. The membership in Korea was at 58,000 in 2009 and increased almost sixty times to 3.3 million in 2019. Consumer confidence was also growing abroad. Since launching in the U.S. market in 2010, there are now more than 2.5 million members overseas registered in 13 global regions. It is not easy to attain this level of membership with hardly any marketing activities, let alone any advertising or promotional efforts. This is the result of word-of-mouth communication about quality products sold at reasonable prices that has spread to consumers around the world.
To become “Atomy You Can Trust and Use,” it is not enough to simply offer products of Absolute Quality Absolute Price. Beyond the products, our consumers must trust and love the company itself for Atomy to become “Atomy You Can Trust and Use.” Along with Absolute Quality Absolute Price, Atomy is spreading its three corporate cultures to every Atomian The Culture of Observing Principles, Growing Together, and Sharing.
In the culture of Observing Principles, principles come first in all decision-making processes. One of Atomy’s principles is the distribution that benefits consumers. Adhering to Absolute Quality Absolute Price, implementing a 100% return&refund policy, and playing the role of a shopping curator all fall under this principle of distribution that is beneficial to consumers.
The culture of Growing Together does not mean the growth of Atomy alone but the mutual growth of both Atomy and our partnering companies. To this end, Atomy makes cash payments within one week of delivery and provides interest-free financial support for its partners to make process improvements and purchase raw materials. Our partnering companies must be successful to continue supplying products of Absolute Quality Absolute Price and gain consumer trust, and through this trust, Atomy continues to grow.
Sharing is Atomy’s calling. Since its founding, Atomy has continually participated in social contribution activities every year because we believe that companies are integral members of society. The culture of Sharing creates shared values for Atomy to develop together with society and provides a concrete plan of action.
The consumer is always right. No matter which products a consumer chooses or which company they like and stand by, consumers are the key. To become “Atomy You Can Trust and Use,” we must be chosen by consumers, gain their trust, and become a company they stand by. Corporate culture is important in that it characterizes the company and is shaped in every aspect of its activities. The establishment of Atomy’s three corporate cultures of Observing Principles, Growing Together, and Sharing adds the commitment of the consumers to the choice and trust that we earned from our consumers through Absolute Quality Absolute Price.

“Built upon the foundation of Absolute Quality Absolute Price, Atomy has never lost sight of its original commitment and has built trust among its consumers for the last 10 years. The number of members in Korea grew by nearly sixty times from 58,000 in 2009 to 3.3 million in 2019.”

Pursuing Consumer Satisfaction at Every Stage, From Browsing to Use
“Atomy You Can Trust and Use” should happen at every stage of the buying process starting when consumers feel a need for a product or service, to when they make the purchase and finally use it. Atomy aims to curate the process by offering products of Absolute Quality Absolute Price at the first stage and even providing support after purchase.
Atomy does not allow its members to exaggerate products when introducing them to consumers; overstated product descriptions are the main reason behind the breaking of trust. Atomy also fully guarantees the quality of its products. Thus, consumers can be reassured that any product sold through Atomy can be trusted.
At the same time, we are trying to shorten the distance for our consumers to reach Atomy more easily. We recently launched “Atomy AZA Mall” to help curate the shopping experience for consumers. AZA Mall is primarily a service to enable Atomy members to purchase products that may be difficult for the company to acquire.
It also provides a way for consumers who are not yet members to get to know and trust Atomy. Through AZA Mall, Atomy aims to build confidence in the Atomy brand and provide a more enjoyable and safe shopping experience for its members and consumers alike.
Efforts are also being made to enhance the convenience of purchasing. These include the transparent disclosure of all detailed product information on our website and mobile apps, back-in-stock notification and ongoing efforts to restock items promptly, videos of product information and how to use them, expansion of combine orders and free delivery, and prioritizing the launch of products with high consumer needs.
Consumers who purchase a product from Atomy can rest assured regardless of any possible defects in a product. We have an unconditional exchange and refund policy for any product; products with defects, damaged products during delivery, and even those that have been used. This is all possible because the idea that consumers are always right is at the core of Atomy’s consumer-centered mindset.

Efforts Proven By Numbers

Atomy’s aim of becoming “Atomy You Can Trust and Use” does not end with effort alone. It is proven by numbers that people can trust. Let’s take a look at sales, the primary barometer of corporate growth. Atomy, which recorded 25 billion KRW in sales in its first year in 2009, recorded more than 1.5 trillion KRW in global sales in 2019, a growth of 60 times in a decade. During those 10 years, there was not a single step backward in sales, and the return rate has been close to 0%, the highest being 0.41% back in 2009.
HemoHIM, Atomy’s top product, recorded 9 billion KRW in sales in 2009. Subsequently, its sales exceeded 100 billion KRW in 2014 and reached nearly 200 billion in 2019, surpassing the 1 trillion KRW mark in cumulative sales. Atomy Skincare 6 System, which has been renewed as “The Fame,” boasts cumulative sales of over 400 billion KRW, while both Atomy’s probiotics and toothpaste sales recorded over 200 billion KRW and toothbrush exceeded 100 billion KRW in sales.
The reason behind this wave of top-selling products is the members themselves who have faith in “Atomy You Can Trust and Use.” The number of members registered in Korea went from 58,000 in 2009 to 3.3 million in 2019. Global membership also continues to rise every year, exceeding 2.5 million last year. The members worldwide almost reaching 6 million in number are the very consumers who stand by “Atomy You Can Trust and Use.”
Atomy is a consumer-centered direct sales distribution company. With customer success as its management goal, we advocate distribution that benefits the consumers. The recent Consumer Centered Management (CCM) certification from the Korea Fair Trade Commission is also a recognition of such corporate practices. “Atomy You Can Trust and Use” is not just a slogan. What we need is a continuous effort like making a needle by grinding an ax. Putting the consumer at the center of all corporate activities and striving to become a distribution company that benefits consumers is the only path to becoming “Atomy You Can Trust and Use.”

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