Atomy’s Success System Continues Online

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Atomy’s Success System Continues Online
Business can be expanded online… Wisdom needed to turn crisis into opportunity

The worldwide spread of COVID-19 has altered a large part of our daily lives. With the emergence of this new disease, the distribution industry is facing unprecedented change, and Atomy is no exception. Based on March sales trends of major distributors released by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, online sales caught up with offline sales for the first time. The previous share of sales at six parts offline to four parts online is collapsing, which is having a significant impact on the distribution sector. Accordingly, the industry is doing its best to provide non-face-to-face services for its customers. So how are Atomy and its members handling this situation?

Atomy’s online success system in full swing where homes become seminar venues!
Atomy had been planning online seminars even before COVID-19, so online One-Day Seminars were available starting January 30, just ten days after Korea’s first confirmed case of the coronavirus. At first, the seminars without any changes of style were pre-recorded and transmitted but, as the crisis reached a ‘serious level’ at the end of February, Atomy selected and reconfigured some previous seminar recordings. Since then, seminars have continued by re-editing of the existing videos or creating new ones while carefully monitoring the spread of the virus. Likewise, Success Academy has been broadcast through YouTube since February.

Gather in One Place, Global Leaders!
Online Atomians Leadership Conference

During this situation where face-to-face contact is not possible, leaders in Korea and abroad communicate with Atomy management through online video conferencing. These leadership conferences, which began on March 25, serve as a communication venue for leaders and management to share accurate information on status reports regarding products, the global market, etc. Leaders’ Club members participate together online on the last Wednesday of each month.

Online seminar for all global regions
Online seminars are also taking place for all 13 regions where Atomy has opened. One-Day Seminars and Success Academies are held through YouTube, Facebook, and Zoom, and each regional office is developing unique content in addition to the existing seminar programs. Some examples include Cambodia’s “Auto Sales Talk Show” to learn all the steps of becoming an Auto Sales Master, Australia’s “GTK (Get To Know)” to hear the know-how of business leaders, and Singapore’s “News Flash” to quickly deliver the latest news to its members. In Taiwan, seminars are being live-streamed and, in Malaysia, a challenge to watch the original airing is being planned to increase participation.

(above) Online Life Scenario Presentation  (below) A-Show: Product Introduction Featured in Home Shopping Style

From crisis to opportunity!
Atomy members expand their businesses online

 Cambodia’s Auto Sales Talk Show
 Australia’s GTK (Get to Know)

Atomy business members are also refraining from face-to-face contact and meeting at training centers, and turning crisis into opportunity through online training, communication, and group management. An increasing number of members are participating in various training classes through Zoom and using open channels through YouTube.
At a leadership conference in April, Chairman Han-Gill Park stated, “Atomy has been preparing for an online broadcasting system for a long time, so we were able to provide business content to our members quickly.” He said he would continue to work hard on developing useful online content into the future. He explained that we need some wisdom to respond with flexibility to changes and advised making “good use of the video conferencing system to meet all of our partners around the world.”
Will the COVID-19 crisis become an incredible opportunity for you or just an incredibly bad situation? Crisis creates a chance for a paradigm shift in all aspects of politics and the economy. There is a saying that there is an opportunity in every crisis. These would be the words of those who create opportunities without getting frustrated in times of crisis.

Using Zoom for online conferencing
MINI interview
Star Master Hyung-Jun Kim

“The greatest advantage of Zoom is that there are no limitations on time and space,
and it allows for many active participants.”

1. How did you begin online conferences on Zoom?
Before COVID-19, I had been using Skype to video conference with my partners from China, Indonesia, and the U.S. But after facing some limitations, I learned about Zoom. Now, much of the inconvenience of online communication has been eliminated because Zoom is easy to use and has almost no lag time between sound and video, which is critical in video conferencing.

2. What do you use online conferences for? How often?
We do video trainings for current business members or for those whom I have met in person who are interested in Atomy, and we also invite new members to introduce them to the company, products, and marketing plan. Each team meets on a regular basis. Full-timers usually participate during the day and part-timers at night.

3. What do you think is the biggest advantage of online conferences?
If you think of online, you may think that communication happens just one way, but it takes place both ways. Since there are no restrictions of time or space, people appreciate that they can participate easily. We have even experienced that some participants’ concentration levels online are better than those who have been passively invited to the seminars held in venues. Thus, we plan to maintain this method of communication long term.

4. Please tell us the most useful features of Zoom and how to use them.
I use the “Share Screen” feature with options to show a PPT, webpage, whiteboard, and your home screen frequently. You can even write or draw directly as needed, making it easy to deliver messages. Another useful feature is “Record” where you can record a video of the meeting and share it with those who may not be able to attend.

5. COVID-19 is a long-term battle, but many people have the preconceived notion that direct selling requires talking to people in person. How do you plan to develop your business online and offline to move forward?
You can only blame the coronavirus for so long. Of course, it would be nice to meet with consumers face to face like before, but now is the time to be smart and prepare your online toolbox during this situation bordering between online and in-person. You may not be very tech-savvy nor be able to create your own material, but you could always start with uploading and sharing content created by your sponsors and partners.

Using YouTube as a video-based communication channel
MINI interview
Star Master Eun-Hye Kim

“The key is how to use it for my business.
I want to create a channel that can help reach out to consumers, cultivate business members, and more.”

(above) ”Super Positive Diary” that explains the business with fun illustrations
(below) (Atomy) LIFE: cooking contents using Atomy products

1. Why did you start using YouTube?
My partners had always said they wanted to set up a YouTube channel, but it was only after COVID-19 that we officially started on it. Previously, we believed that the company’s system, center trainings, and individual meetings were sufficient.

2. What was the reaction after you started on YouTube?
Soon after starting on YouTube, my downline and other business members told me that they appreciated it. It gave me a lot of strength to hear comments such as “It’s easy to watch because it’s short,” “It’s fun and not boring,” “It’s helpful for my business.” As a business leader, I have a responsibility to uphold Atomy. I hope that my channel can help many business members.

3. What were some challenges you faced as you started on YouTube?
Organizing content, filming, and editing are not easy, and I would never have been able to do it alone. It was only possible with the help of my family and partners working together. Above all, adding subtitles in English, Japanese, and Spanish would not be feasible without my partners who can speak those languages.

4. Do you feel that YouTube is actually helping your business?
YouTube is definitely helping in some ways. The videos on my channel are short because I also want consumers who are not in the business to be able to watch them easily. Some people use the content to draw new consumers to experience Atomy products and bring synergy to their own businesses, while others just watch it for themselves without necessarily using it for business. It does not matter how good the content is. The key is how to apply it to my business.

5. How do you plan on developing your YouTube channel in the future?
Many of my videos target consumers and new business members because their role is to draw their attention, make contact, and convert them into auto-consumers. I think this is the kind of material that business members also need. I would like to develop more content in the future and create a system that can help reach out to consumers, cultivate business members, and more.

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