2024 Sharon Rose Master Promotional Trip

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2024 Sharon-Rose Master Promotional Trip


Day One
34 Sharon Rose Masters from the US branch were present during the joint promotion trip to Cancún, MX
where we collaborated with the Mexico and Colombia Atomy branches with a total of 62 members.
We stayed at the Jades Dream Hotel & Resort and once we arrived at the hotel, we were greeted by
warm smiles and cooled towels. Members were given a brief orientation, along with the itinerary as
they checked into the hotel and were then guided to their rooms by the friendly hotel staff. Members
settled into their rooms and proceeded to explore the hotel and enjoy the beautiful landscape
with their companions. In the evening, members and staff met at the designated restaurant to officially
begin the trip with a short and welcoming meeting, and then enjoyed a delicious dinner together.

Day Two
On day two of our trip, members and staff met at the lobby after having breakfast to continue our adventure.
We went over our list of attendees to ensure everyone was accounted for and promptly got on the bus.
What was our destination, you may ask? The Xel-Ha amusement park where members would
create memories! After an hour or so on the road, we arrived at the park. Atomy staff provided
instructions to all members and then headed toward the park entrance.

Members got to enjoy fun activities such as zip-lining, exploring caves, and scuba diving, among others.
Many members also shared their memorable experiences through photos, and social media, while others
simply enjoyed the moment by sunbathing by allowing their troubles and worries to float away with the soft breeze.
Members and staff met for lunch, enjoyed a variety of the local Mexican cuisine in a buffet-style restaurant,
and after a few hours of fun, it was time to head back to the hotel and get ready for dinner.

Day Three
On the third day, it was time to continue the adventure. Members and staff had breakfast and then
headed toward the beach. After having some HemoHim and Noni, members were ready to challenge
the Atomy Mexico and Colombia branches through fun and challenging activities.
The winners of each competition received prizes. Which team do you think won first place?

In the evening, everyone headed to the ballroom where we held a short seminar. Members learned of
new products being released in Mexico as well as in Colombia, shared their stories and learned
the importance of working together through a Super Synergy of United Hearts. After the seminar
was over, we headed toward the restaurant where we enjoyed our final dinner together on a
terrace overlooking the beautiful beach. The sky, the clouds and the stars were aligned
perfectly that night as the breeze softly caressed our skin. It was truly a wonderful experience.
Final Day
Every good thing must come to an end, unfortunately, so the next morning it was time to say goodbye.
Everyone gathered around, smiled at the camera for our group photo and bid each other farewell.

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