Serving from the Heart: A Chat with Atomy’s Lifestyle Centre Committee Members

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Serving from the Heart: A Chat with Atomy’s Lifestyle Centre Committee

Article by Lynn Lee

Mr. Ee Ching Yun, a warm and stately 73-year-old, was all smiles at the opening of Atomy Singapore’s new lifestyle centre along Upper Paya Lebar
Road. As the head of Atomy’s lifestyle centre committee, Mr Ee manages the mission and operation of the centre with a team of dedicated
members. The newly relocated centre is a stone’s throw away from Tai Seng MRT station, and is a prime location that is especially convenient for
its growing membership.

We sat down with some of the committee members managing the centre, to hear their thoughts and hopes for the new project. Mr Ee, together
with Mr Jim Khoo and Ms Grace Wong, told us more about why they decided to join Atomy and what their concerns and aspirations for the new
centre are.

Mr. Ee Ching Yun, Head of Atomy’s Lifestyle Centre Committee

Mr Ee remarked in Mandarin as we talked about how he began his involvement in this Direct Marketing endeavour,

“I believe that Atomy’s products, its prices, and its prospects are very good.”
As the owner of a construction business, Mr Ee is no stranger to effective management and leadership. He transfers his skills and experiences
working at the helm of a growing organisation to Atomy, and does so with utmost kindness and humility. Having joined Atomy since 2015, Mr Ee
knows the products and workings of the company with ease, and yearns to empower more people around him, while serving them with care and

Like Mr Ee, Mr Jim Khoo believes in Atomy’s potential, especially after having learnt more about the company. He has been a loyal supporter of Atomy ever since attending the Success Academy Conference and researching intensively on the company’s model.

“After the conference, I decided to spend more time learning about the culture and leadership of Atomy, and from there I discovered that this
company is really unique,” Mr Khoo shared. “It sells daily necessities, and so after I started using their products, like their toothpaste and
toothbrushes, I realised that the product quality is amazing, the price is so affordable, and my family really likes the products.”

When Mr Khoo eventually decided to go into the business, he found that he could relate to many of Atomy’s company values and the mission of the committee he subsequently joined. The team emphasised humility and service in their words and deeds as they shared about their work in Atomy.

These values resonated even more strongly as Ms Grace Wong shared about how her work at Atomy interacts with her own professional work. Ms
Wong runs a social enterprise working with handicapped individuals to equip them with employable skills. She has been working towards helping her employees, over half of whom are disabled, also own a business. She finds this most effective through Atomy’s profitable distribution structure.

Ms Wong also stressed that in today’s current economic condition, sometimes simply having a job might not be secure enough. She had been
exploring ways in which senior citizens and handicapped members of society can access financial stability, when she finally discovered Atomy’s
model. “Looking at the company structure, looking at the company’s belief system and mission, I was really impressed. It gave me confidence that I am able to bring my people not just one job and one hope, but one business and one hope.” The no-risk and no-capital features of joining Atomy’s model was also a hugely appealing factor.

Atomy’s Lifestyle Centre Committee members: Mr Ee Ching Yun, Mr Jim Khoo and Ms Grace Wong

The committee members reiterated their belief in Atomy’s brand when they explained their motivations to further its reach through the new
lifestyle centre. Ms Wong further commented that Atomy’s robust model works hand in hand with the hard work and sincerity that she admired in
her teammates.

Ms Wong shared, “Mr Ee is over 70 years old, and runs his own construction business. Yet, he still has so much energy! Not only that, he also has a
very kind heart. He always thinks about others first, and himself last. I’m very touched by that.”

As she recounted the acts of kindness around her, Ms Wong also reminded us of how the location of Atomy’s new lifestyle centre is particularly beneficial for their handicapped members. “Once, when bringing a member to the lifestyle centre in a wheelchair, the wheelchair nearly toppled when we were travelling from the underpass. It was very challenging,” Ms Wong recalled.
“Now, we have the new lifestyle centre that is so near to the MRT station. Our elderly members also find it more convenient to walk to the new centre when taking public transport. It is a lot of resources, but it is worth it, and it all comes from the heart.”

Atomy's new Lifestyle Centre @ Tai Seng is wheelchair-friendly

Mr Ee and Mr Wong agreed that Atomy’s new lifestyle centre has become more accessible, and it can now reach out to a wider base of members,
and benefit a larger group of people.

As the team shared about the centre’s opening, they also talked about the process of running a centre, and how it stays in line with Atomy’s vision. Mr Wong elaborated, “Running a centre is very challenging, but we’re hoping to create an environment where members come here and feel like it’s a family. When I first joined Mr Ee, we wanted to use this centre to serve our members with humility.” As he spoke, Mr Wong gestured to the centre’s mission statement, “Serving with humility”, etched onto a wall in the room.

Atomy's Lifestyle Centre Committee members with Atomy Singapore Country Manager, Ms Wendy Lee

Service and kindness remain the key values of Atomy’s lifestyle centre and among the committee members helming it. Ms Wong added that this
way of working made the community feel like a family, and the lifestyle centre like a home.

At the same time, this platform extends beyond the local context, and reaches globally too. The committee members expressed their excitement in Atomy’s international expansion, calling to mind how the company is a “growing global platform”, a phenomenon that is extremely rare among
businesses today, and even rarer among businesses that invite consumers to be a part of their growth.

Service and kindness are at the core of Atomy's values

We ended off our chat with the committee members by discussing the obstacles and achievements they foresee in the running of Atomy’s new
lifestyle centre. Mr Ee astutely pointed out that the most significant challenge, as expected in the running of any large organisation, would be
dealing with the intricacies of human-to-human relations.
Mr Ee, however, is confident of navigating this with a positive attitude,
“We hope to help others understand how we work at Atomy’s lifestyle centre, and how we serve others. We prioritise humility and love in our treatment of people, and we are sure that they will be touched by this.”
As a closing remark, the team shared on what they were most excited for with the opening of Atomy’s new lifestyle centre. In addition to
establishing better ties with existing members through a more accessible gathering place, the centre will also allow members to introduce and
bring new friends to the shared space.

Mr Khoo summed up his thoughts; “I’m very excited for the future. I believe Atomy holds a key for us to unlock the power back to consumers. When we consume Atomy’s products, we can create a connection with the company, and we gain profit as well as become part of the business.
Regardless of your socio-economic background, you can come onboard as long as you’re willing to work hard, and it will transform your life. This,
to me, is most exciting.”


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