Expanding Lifestyle Centres in Singapore

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Expanding Lifestyle Centres in Singapore
Article by Nicole Sim
Mr Yee, Centre Manager from Tai Seng brainstorms ideas for his centre

2018 looks to be an exciting journey ahead for Atomy Singapore, as local Centre Managers ushered in the New Year by brainstorming methods to
improve the local Atomy Lifestyle Centres.
The Centre Managers’ Workshop, held 20th January 2018 at the YWCA Fort Canning Lodge, was a great opportunity for local leaders to share their
experiences over the past year and reconnect with other Atomy family members.

Brainstorming between young and old members

While our members had fun during the workshop, the highlight of the Workshop was undoubtedly the long-awaited guidelines on how interested
Atomy members in Singapore can set up their very own Lifestyle Centres.

Atomy Singapore members having fun and letting their hair down with their performance of the Atomy song during the Center Managers’ Workshop on 20th January 2018

In recent years, members have expressed increasing interest in setting up their own lifestyle centers. Hence, Atomy Singapore would like to train
new leaders and educate their members to take the lead on their businesses and grow their membership base.

Lifestyle Centres serves as a collection point for members to pick up their orders but also are social venues where Atomy members can meet to
bond over activities not related to training, such as Cooking and Beauty Classes. The Centres also work closely with the main office in participating
in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.

Atomy Singapore has big plans for these Centres, seeing them as vital educational resources.

Lifestyle Centres can be the first step for new members joining the Atomy family. They can sign up, purchase products and be educated on the
Atomy Compensation plan and code of ethics. Members can also attend the various One Day Seminars and Success Academies organised by
support-volunteers, or bond with fellow Atomy members over CSR activities, to live, love, learn, and share the Atomy spirit.
Members already belonging to existing lifestyle centres are particularly excited by the expansion.

Atomy member Angela Cao Lan shares about her experience

Auto-Diamond Master Angela Cao Lan said,
“I belong to the Tai Seng Lifestyle Centre and I am looking forward to more programs including demonstrations such as cooking or
cosmetics to attract a variety of people. I hope we can have more confidence in Atomy and follow the faith.”
Atomy Singapore has three lifestyle centres in Tai Seng, Bugis and Sims Avenue. Members can look forward to a new centre opening in Jurong East in 2018. But more may be in the works, as other members also indicate an interest in starting a Centre of their own.

Atomy member Shaund Soh, leads his team in a discussion

Diamond Master Shaund Soh said,
“Atomy is a business of love that we share and grow together and I still have a lot to learn. If I were to set up a center, the motivation for
me is for our members and members of the public so that they can know more about Atomy products.”

Presentation of ideas to the bigger group

Other participants were happy to just reconnect with other managers at the workshop and share what the Atomy Lifestyle means to them.
Sharon-Rose Master Caroline Tan said,
‘The workshop allowed me to get to know fellow members more intimately and taught me about learning to work with one another while having fun with each other.”

Sharon Rose Master Caroline Tan presenting with her group mates

As the Centre Managers Workshop winds to a close, members expressed their passion and interest in creating awareness and attracting more
people to be a part of Atomy. We look forward to seeing what the centres have to offer in the coming year and to more Lifestyle Centres opening in the years to come.

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