Atomy donated 'fruit of love 100 million won' to support heavy rain damage

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MTN 머니투데이 2020. 8. 31

Atomy, donated 100 million won for heavy rain damage support

The Fruit of Love Social Welfare Community Chest announced on the 31st that Atomy has donated 100 million won to support heavy rain damage.
Fruit of Love has been holding a special fundraising program from August 5th for neighbors who are suffering from the heavy rain that began on July 23rd.
Atomy Chairman Park Han-gil and CEO Do Gyeong-hee said, "Not only is Corona 19 worsening, but I decided to donate to give some help to the flood victims who are suffering from the effects of the typhoon amid torrential rains.
Meanwhile, in June of last year, Atomy joined the Korean Donor Customized Fund No. 4 by donating 10 billion won, the highest amount ever, to Fruit of Love to support single mothers.
Chairman Han-gil Park and CEO Kyung-hee Do joined as members of the Honor Society, an individual major donor group in 2014 and 2015, respectively, and two children joined in succession and are working as family honors.

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