Chariman Park Han Gill, to build a hospital for children with disabilities of 2.7 billion won

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Korea Economy 2020.08.11

Honam's first children's rehabilitation hospital construction helped
2.7 billion won out of the total 9.9 billion won.

Last year, 10 billion won for single mothers
, "we will build a medical school and hospital in Cambodia"

On the 10th of last month, parents in the Honam region, who have children with severely handicapped children, swept their hearts.
This is because the news that the establishment of the hospital is being promoted in earnest as the problem of the shortage of construction funds for the public children's rehabilitation hospital in Jeonju for the first time in Honam has been resolved.
Unlike general hospitals, public children's rehabilitation hospitals are hospitals that provide long-term care services as well as specialized treatment for children with disabilities.
There are over 200 in Japan, but none in Korea.
The construction of the hospital was included in the state affairs of President Moon Jae-in, and the establishment of each region is currently being promoted, but the situation is sluggish due to cost issues.
The background of the cost problem of public children's rehabilitation hospitals in Jeonju was solved at once, and there was a big decision of Atomy Chairman Park Han-gil (64, photo) to donate 2.7 billion won.
In an interview with the Korea Economic Daily at Atomy headquarters in Gongju-si, Chungnam, Chairman Park said, “I heard the news that Jeonju Jesus Hospital is trying to build a public children's rehabilitation hospital, but excluding government subsidies, there is a shortage of 2.7 billion won.” “I decided to donate the full amount of the insufficient funds because it was an obligation to return to society for this purpose.”
Here's how to explain the kind of thing.
Jeonju Jesus Hospital was selected by supporting the government's construction of a public children's rehabilitation hospital. The government gave a subsidy of 7.2 billion won.
With 7.2 billion won, a two-story building could be built, but with a two-story scale, it was tight to create a basic treatment space.
In order to provide really necessary services such as caring, which is the core of a public children's rehabilitation hospital, the building had to be at least 4 floors.
It took 9.9 billion won to build a four-story hospital.
In order to make up for the difference of 2.7 billion won, Jeonju Jesus Hospital's doctors collected 100 million won in individual monthly salaries, but it was not enough to raise the building to the fourth floor.
After hearing this news, Chairman Park decided to donate 2.7 billion won through Atomy.
Chairman Park said, “In fact, I did not know much about the public children's rehabilitation hospital until I heard the situation of Jeonju Jesus Hospital.” I just hope it will be.”
Last year, he made a pleasing 10 billion won asking to use it for single mothers. When asked about the background of donating large sums for the second consecutive year, Chairman Park replied, "Because I made money last year and this year."
Atomy is a network marketing (multi-stage) company that sells cosmetics and health foods online, with sales of 1.13 trillion won and operating profit of 105.4 billion won last year.
Chairman Park is also engaged in social return activities abroad.
Recently, they are striving to establish a new medical school in Cambodia, where the medical environment is poor.
He said, “Starting with the establishment of a medical school, we plan to build a hospital in the long run.” The local site for the establishment of the medical school has been secured. Chairman Park said, "We will continue to return to society in the future."

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