Atomy Philippines doantes to Grain Foundation for PWD Inc. amid COVID-19 Crisis

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As part of Atomy’s Culture of Sharing, Atomy Philippines reached out to an organization to help us give a hand to some families during this trying times. The beneficiaries of this donation are the families of persons with disabilities of Grain Foundation for PWD Inc.

Grain Foundation for PWD Inc., is a non-government organization that caters person with disabilities. GFPI builds programs that will establish a PWD friendly community. A community where PWDs can study, live and work without any discrimination.

Last April 21, Atomy Philippines donated rice 1,150kgs worth 50,000php and Atomy Products that will help them survive their day to day life. With the help of Grain Foundation for PWD Inc., Atomy Philippines reached roughly 100 families of persons with disabilities in Quezon City.

Atomy products and sacks of rice arrived in the office of the organization ready for packing and preparation for distribution.

23 sacks of 50kgs rice prepared to be distibuted to different families of PWD in Quezon City.

With the help of the kind hearted staff of Grain Foundation for PWD Inc., we were able to reach families of PWD and send them the goods that Atomy Philippines have donated

First batch of donation last April 21, 2020 were donated to the families of PWDs.

House to house is the way that they used to distribute goods to avoid the the gathering of people and still practice social distancing.

Groceries, rice and Atomy products were given to the families to help them in their daily lives this quarantine period.

Behind the mask, we can still see the happy faces of the beneficiaries.

The groceries and basic necessities given were enough for them to survive even just for a week or two of quarantine.

Second batch of donation last April 23, 2020 were donated to different families in other area of Quezon City.

Again, with the help of the staffs of Grain we were able to give a hand to the families of PWD for the second time.

No matter how big or small, this act of kindness really warmed the heart of many Filipinos.

Truly sharing is caring.

We pray that this pandemic will end soon so we, Filipinos can rise agains, stronger as ever.

Thank you Atomy Philippines!

We are Atomy. We will rise as one.


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