Atomy Delivers 140,000 Masks to Wuhan and Yantai, China

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Last February 2, Atomy donated thousands of masks to Wuhan and Yantai, China, who are having trouble in supplying quarantine goods due to the recent spread of COVID-19.
140,000 masks that equivalent to 654,000 yuan (about 
115 million won) was quickly delivered by air transport to prevent further COVID-19 infection. 
60,000 masks will be provided to Yantai Koshin-gu and Customs in Yantai to be used by frontline workers and residents who are struggling in epidemic control agencies. 
On the 5th, Koshin-gu sent an appreciation letter directly to Atomy Headquarters saying, 'I deeply appreciate your love and generosity for donating supplies during this period where we are against the COVID-19. We show our respect to Atomy who showed amicable aspect between Korea and China'.
The content was introduced also in Yantai TV, a Chinese media outlet, and a Chinese subsidiary said in an interview, "We will fulfill our social responsibilities by practicing good deeds, like Atomy's management philosophy."


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