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Please Note *
The ABR Course hosted/administered by Atomy New Zealand is only officially applicable to people currently living in New Zealand

Introduction of ABR Course
Atomy New Zealand and Atomy Head office have arranged an easy and simple way for our Atomy members to introduce Atomy Life to New & Potential Individuals.

All you need to do is to invite anyone who’s interested in Atomy, whether it is on Atomy products, company history, commission, philosophy, or anything related to Atomy.
Atomy New Zealand is ready to brief them and explain to them the basics of Atomy through 'Atomy NZ ABR course'.

Purpose of operating ABR course
The ABR course is designed to promote and deliver Atomy’s distinct masstige products through high-quality lecture content that meets consumer needs, as well as to introduce the nature of the Atomy business, where anyone can easily be successful. It is the most important course and starting point of successful Atomy business for increasing consumers and discovering business owners by actively responding to changes in the new non-face-to-face business environment

What’s more?
We arranged lots of awards for successful participants; individual award, group award and final graduate’s award.

Want to experience beforehand? Curious about the real ABR course session?
You can peep into the previous ABR sessions from Channel Atomy New Zealand. 

(log-in required, hence, existing member needs to help new-comers)

Terms for Application to AB course, 1st Quarter 2023

1. AB course application by groups needs to be submitted by 16th JANUARY 2023.
AB course applicants must be (1) non-members, (2) current Consumer members, or (3) current Distributor members who haven’t achieved Sales Master(SM) yet.
* If you’re not sure whether you’re eligible for ABR course, please contact Customer Support Centre of Atomy New Zealand.
3. Sales Masters and above will gather the applicant’s information in advance, and apply as a group of a team to Atomy New Zealand.
A Group consists of 15 people or more. If less than 15 people want to apply for AB Course, Atomy New Zealand may help to organize additional groups by combining applicants.

Terms for Application to R-course, 1st Half 2023
RCC is scheduled from 13th March 2023.
Any previous-AB course graduates (successfully completed AB course) can apply for RCC.

Course Structure
AB course: 5 weeks
* 1 video session/week for 4 weeks
  + 1 graduation session, max 1 hour/session

R course: 3 weeks 
(* only AB course graduates can apply)
* 1 video session/week for 2 weeks
  + 1 graduation session, with weekly assignments to be submitted at each end of the first two weeks


ABR Course Awards/Gifts
1. There are awards for participants who participated in all AB course sessions properly (first 4 weeks)
    : Group awards, Individual awards.
2. Aside from awards of AB course, there is additional individual award for successful R-course participants (graduates)
3. Award items are to be informed during ABR course


Q. How to participate in ABR course in each week?

A. YouTube Live streaming. Every Tuesday. 11:00 AM, around 60 min. Each week’s YouTube link to be shared via the group leaders.

Q. What if I miss the YouTube Live streaming?
A. When you failed to watch the YouTube live streaming, you can catch up the video of the week by Friday on the same week.
 * After Friday, it won’t be available anymore from YouTube Link.

Q. What is ‘Mission’ or ‘Assignment’ required?
A. During each session, participants are to take a selfie-photo with mission screen as a background to verify they’re watching the session in time.

Q. How to communicate with the team members and team leader?
A. A group chat room and on-line video conference meeting (e.g. ZOOM) is arranged to have all members. The mission photos are also shared in the group chatroom.

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