CSR 2016 : For the Deaf Community (Pusat Majudiri "Y")

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CSR 2016 : For the Deaf Community (Pusat Majudiri "Y") RM20,000 Donation

Date / 日期 / Tarikh : 06 Sept. 2016
Venue / 地点 / Tempat : Pusat Majudiri Y, Kuala Lumpur
Donation / 贡献 / Sumbangan : RM20,000

Atomy has carried out various social contribution activities based on the ideology “The root of a company is society, and the way to communicate between company and society is sharing together.” As our CEO Mr. Park Han-gil always said that, we shall not just use the company motto “Serve with humility” for a slogan, but in order to accomplish it in real life, we shall lead ahead to help neighbours that in need.

This time of the year in Malaysia, we visited Pusat Majudiri Y Foundation for the Deaf. And when we met with the deaf children they were happy and smiling at us. They signed "Hello", "Thank you" and "Good Morning" and with the help from the teacher to interpret what the children were trying to tell. We are glad to be there and feel thankful that we could help them. We hope they will enjoy the sponsored program and grow up healthy.

We wish to spread the love and care to every corner of the society and with our actions to inspire and warm the heart of every unfortunate one together with their family. We are very excited and looking forward to continuously carry out social contribution projects and we urge all atomy member to share the same spirit together.

艾多美公司不断地进行社会贡献活动是因为我们坚信“公司的基础根源自社会,公司与社会之间的沟通方式是通过共享。”正如董事长 Park Han-gil先生所说,我们不仅仅是在每一场研讨会或活动呼喊社训当中的“谦虚服务”,但在现实生活中我们也要想尽办法实现这个目标,去尽量协助周围所需要关怀的社群。

在马来西亚艾多美刚刚成立的这一年,我们来到了 Pusat Majudiri Y聋哑人基金会。当我们遇到聋哑孩子时,他们很高兴并对我们微笑。他们以手语问好:“你好”,“谢谢你”和“早安”,并在老师的协助下诠释孩子们想要表达的内容。我们很高兴能够在这里施恩和帮助到他们。我们希望他们能够在此赞助计划中受益并健康成长。


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