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Date & Time: 2023-04-29 (Saturday), 11:00am
Total Viewers: 2,100 Pax

In April 2023, Atomy Malaysia hosted its monthly Success Academy session aimed at sharing knowledge and motivation. This month, Atomy Malaysia celebrated Hari Raya and members attended with their traditional Malay costumes to bask in the festive spirit!

Emcee & Company Motto by Finics Yong, Diamond Master & Kainnie Liew, Diamond Master

Akuan Sumpah (Oath reciting) - Haji Kamal, Diamond Master

Opening Performance
A strong festive performance was delivered as the opening performance to celebrate Hari Raya. What a way to start of this month's Success Academy!

Company Greeting Speech by Mr Alex Lee, Chief Global Officer

The Chief Global Officer, Mr. Alex Lee from Korea HQ, graced this month's Success Academy with his presence. During his speech, he mentioned that the global unity within Atomy is like no other and how the culture has solidified a strong foundation to ensure every grows and achieves to become their best selves. He reminded everyone why they had gathered there, and it was an honor to have him share his wisdom with the attendees.

Leader Welcome Speech - Kathleen Chua, CRM @ Crown Leaders Club
A welcome speech by one of Atomy Malaysia's Crown Master and Crown Leaders Club Member. You can be on the same stage one day if you have the vision and determination to pursue your dreams and work towards your future!

The Business for Malaysians - Dr Tengku Asmadi, STM @ Royal Leaders Club
Dr. Tengku Asmadi, Star Master, delivered an inspiring speech on the business landscape of Malaysia, highlighting the potential for unity amongst the three races. He emphasized the idea of a harmonious family, where language barriers do not exist, and the values of Atomy are deeply rooted in our everyday lives. His insights left the audience feeling optimistic about the bright future of Malaysia's business community.

Global Sharing - Weng Wan Hsin, SRM
In her inspiring speech, Sharon Rose Master (Weng Wan Hsin) from Taiwan, shared how Atomy has transformed her life, enabling her to purchase her very first home. She spoke about her personal journey and encouraged others to take the same leap towards success. Her words left a lasting impression on the audience, motivating them to pursue their dreams with the help of Atomy.

Kolmar Product Insights, Dr Lee Hak Sung PhD., Director of Sun Bio Tech R&D Center
During his speech, Dr. Lee Hak Sung from Korea discussed the numerous benefits of Hemohim and how it positively impacts the human body, which in turn has given members more confidence. Additionally, he gave a sneak peek into upcoming products that will soon be released in Malaysia, exciting the audience and leaving them eager for what's to come.

The Culture of Sharing
Atomy's recent Culture of Sharing program involved reaching out to an orphanage and providing traditional Malay costumes to the children and duit raya, allowing them to fully participate in the festive spirit. In addition to this, Atomy made a generous donation to the orphanage. The children were so grateful that they gave back heartwarming handwritten notes, expressing their appreciation for the kindness shown to them.

Life Scenario Sharing - Haji Kamal, DM

Life Scenario Sharing - Siok Ming, DM

Sales Automation - Yanni Rahayu, SRM @ Leaders Club
In her speech, Sharon Rose Master Yanni Rahayu shared her personal journey, highlighting how she used to own a food stall but found freedom both physically and financially through Atomy. Her story inspired the audience to pursue their own paths to success by embracing the opportunities that Atomy presents. Her valuable insights and strategies left a lasting impression on the members, motivating them to take advantage of Atomy's resources to increase efficiency and achieve success.

Mastership Promotion
Well done to all the recently promoted Sales Masters for taking the first step in your path towards success, financial independence, and a balanced life!

Success Through Action - Huang Shih Ting, STM @ Royal Leaders Club
Star Master, Huang Shih Ting from Taiwan made a memorable appearance, delivering a powerful speech that left the audience feeling inspired and motivated to strive towards greater heights. Her message was clear - to push forward and never give up on achieving their goals. The hope was that every member in attendance received the necessary motivation to embrace their full potential and achieve success with Atomy.

Thank you to all interpreters, Usherettes and volunteers for making this event a success!

Closing event by reciting the company motto, see you next time!

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