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Date & Time: 2022-08-25 (Thursday), 2:00pm - 7:00pm
Venue: MITEC, KL & Hilton Hotel, KK
Total Viewers: 3,100 pax KL / 193 pax KK

For the first time ever, Atomy Malaysia KL Success Academy has moved to a convention center called MITEC. This shift in venues is due to the overwhelming response of audiences. Even with 3000+ seats, tickets have managed to be sold out again! Soon in the future, KK Success Academy will also follow grow to this scale. Trust the Success System!

Company Motto by Finics Yong, Diamond Master and Monica Chin, Star Master (KL) & Aleena Gan, Sharon Rose Master (KK)

Akuan Sumpah (Oath reciting) by Lyna Kadir, Diamond Master (KL) & Easther Philip, Diamond Master (KK)

Special Greeting Speech by Alex Lee, Chief Global Marketing Officer

Leader Greeting Speech by Jadick Lai, CRM @ Crown Leaders Club (KL) & Nimisa Fung, STM @ Leaders Club (KK)

Why Atomy - Dr Tengku Asmadi, STM @ RLC (KL) & Tengku Safwan, SRM (KK)
In this session, both speakers highlight the key-points in their own perspective pertaining to the reasons why they chose Atomy as a business of choice and how it has affected them in their daily lives.

Member's Story - Lyna Kadir, DM (KL) & Easther Philip, DM (KK)
In this session, both speakers share their point of view from the perspective of unique individuals. Everyone has a different background, life story, challenges and obstacles. Listen to how they benefitted from Atomy.

GSGS Product Introduction - Vynce Chia, GSGS Manager
In this session, Atomy Malaysia is proud to present the latest GSGS product which is the Atomy Disinfecting Wipes! A test was shown on stage on the affectiveness and efficacy of the disinfecting wipes, get yours now!

Balanced Life & Life Scenario - Jocelin Teo, RM @ Royal Leaders Club (KL) & Rosmaria Sahat, STM @ Leaders Club (KK)

Life Scenario Sharing
Ken Choo, DM & Cheryl Tan, DM (KL)
Fui Han, Member & Norliza, Member (KK)

Success of Recruitment Principle - Meina Chua, RM @ Royal Leaders Club (KL) & Coei Tan, SRM @ Leaders Club
A new topic that covers the essence of recruitment principles. If you focus and concentrate on this lesson, many golden nuggets and new knowledge may be found for Atomy business longevity!

Lucky Draw Session
A Success Academy wouldn't be complete without seeing happy faces of members winning lucky draw sessions! If you didn't win this time, you have a chance every month by participating in the Success System!


Mastership Ceremony

Sales Master Representative - Yee Yoke Lan (KL)

Congratulations to all newly promoted Sales Master for achieving the first step in your journey to success, financial freedom and life balance!

Leaders Club Pin Ceremony

Congratulations to Blyan Tan, Royal Master @ Royal Leaders Club for his achievement! May your leadership bring all members perseverance and hope to someday meet at the top! Never give up!

Road to Success - Sandy Chu, CRM @ Crown Leaders Club
A powerful speech by special guest flown in all the way from Taiwan, Sandy Chu shares her take on her Road to Success in front of more than 3,000 Malaysian Atomians!

Thank you to all interpreters, Usherettes and volunteers for making this event a success!

Closing event by reciting the company motto, see you next time!

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