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Date & Time : 2022-11-05 ( Saturday ) , 2.00pm-7.00pm
Venue : MITEC , KL
Total Viewer : 2,200pax (1,700pax Offline & 500pax Zoom)

This is the first Atomy Malaysia ABR Graduate Ceremony 2022 that consists of the 1st batch (June Intake) & 2nd batch (July Intake) with a total of 5546 participants. Soon in the future, ABR Course will continue to grow with more participants!

Emcee & Company Motto by Nick Liang, Marketing Officer.

Greeting Speech by Mr Kim, Country Manager
A warm and inspiring greeting speech by Atomy Malaysia Country Manager to all graduates! We hope your achievements will bring you motivation and inspiration for the coming years. Well done!

Leader Welcome Speech by Tun Nurul Huda, STM @ Royal Leaders Club
Heartiest Congratulations and Welcome speech shared with all graduates for coming to the ABR Graduation Ceremony 2022.

Certificate of Completion- 1809Pax
Congratulations to all graduates and Representative (June Intake) by Alena Binti Ismail and (July Intake) by Liew Mei Yun.

Certificate of Completion - Alena Binti Ismail
In her session, she tells us her story of how she was invited and enrolled in ABR Course. She shares how to gain product knowledge and skills. Through interactive learning method on ABR Course, she shares how ABR course assists her Atomy business growth.

Certificate of Completion - Liew Mei Yun
In this session, she shares her interactive learning experience and how she gained confidence on Atomy products and start Atomy business.

Certificate of Excellence Award-390pax
Congratulations to all Excellence Award Achievers. Representative of (June Intake) by Rosmili Tati and (July Intake) by Angie Chua Siew Goh.

Excellence Award - Roslimi Tati
In her sharing session, She tells us of her learning journey and experience during ABR classes and how ABR course motivates her to continue Atomy business.

Excellence Award - Angie Chua Siew Goh
In her sharing session, she tells us the way she learnt from ABR classes to improve her sharing skills by presenting Atomy Products and the journey to achieve SSM.

Certificate of Best Performance Award-1058pax
Congratulations to All Best Performance Award Achiever and Representative (June Intake) by Joonah Foo Mei Ta and (July Intake) by Tang Wei Shan

Best Performance Award - Joonah Foo Mei Ta
In this Session, Joonah Foo shares her journey and unforgettable experience being involved in ABR Classes. She learned the technical way on how to start her atomy business and achieve SSM

Best Performance Award - Tang Wai Shan
In this Session, Tang Wai Shan who comes from East Malaysia shares her journey and experience on ABR Classes. She shares how she as an ordinary person gained confidence on Atomy and immediately started the Atomy business.

Closing Speech & Lecturer Tips (Start Atomy Business and Ready to Go) – Meina Chua, RM @ Royal Leaders Club
This topic covers the ideology that Learning is never ending. This Graduation symbolizes a new beginning and being ready to go. You can make your dreams come true by executing the Atomy business.

Lucky Draw Session
By undergoing the ABR Course and achieving the Best Performance and Excellence Performance, qualifiers are entitled to the lucky draw for an Education Tour! If you didn’t win this time, you still have a chance by bringing in more members to enroll the course for the next intake!

Graduation Celebration Performance

ABR Graduation Ceremony 2022 Group Photo

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