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JUNE 2022

Date & Time: 2022-06-24 (Saturday) , 9:30am - 6:00pm
Venue: Wyndham Acmar Klang
Total Viewers: 2,185 (1,550 pax Offline & 635 pax Online)

After 2 years of having Online Success Academy, We are finally back to Fully Offline Success Academy! This comeback is in line with the Endemic phase announced by the government, and we are so glad to see happy faces once again at the Atomy Malaysia Success Academy!

Company Motto by Finics Yong, Diamond Master & Monica Chin, Star Master the hosts of the Success Academy

Akuan Sumpah (Oath reciting) by Hazim Radzi, Diamond Master

Leader Greeting Speech by Roger Cheok, Royal Master @ Royal Leaders Club
A strong greeting speech by one of Atomy Malaysia's Senior Leaders, welcoming all participants of the Atomy Malaysia Success Academy new and old. The Success Academy is a big part of the Success System that Atomians need to succeed!

Why Atomy - Isabelle Kew, Star Master @ Royal Leaders Club
Everyone has their unique reasons of why they want and need Atomy. How it can and HAS changed their lives. Success is not just financial freedom, but also time freedom. In Isabelle's speech, she shares Why Atomy in her own perspective.

Member's Story - Susan Undih, Sharon Rose Master
A Sharon Rose Master from East Malaysia sharing her story of how and why she joined Atomy. Her story tells of her hardship before she met Atomy and how she was able to overcome it.

Atomy Malaysia Awards & Compliance Certifications
Being a company that prioritizes customer success, Atomy Malaysia works hard towards achieving new standards of credibility & recognition. We believe in providing members with consistent trust and value. Well done Atomians!

Atomy Malaysia Future Plan - Kea Wong, Office Manager
In his speech, he highlights the activities and achievements that the company has achieved. He also mentions that we will not stop here, for there are a lot more we can all achieve together collectively.

Lucky Draw Session
A Success Academy wouldn't be complete without seeing happy faces of members winning lucky draw sessions! If you didn't win this time, you have a chance every month by participating in the Success System!

GSGS Product Introduction (Atomy Moon Cake) - Verselle Yong, GSGS Manager
The moment everyone waited for, the presentation of this year's Atomy Mooncake! Adorned with multiple choices of flavors, tasty, irresistible yet healthy in its absolute quality ingredients!

Balanced Life & Life Scenario - Rosmaria Sahat, Star Master @ Leaders Club
in her session, she motivates and educates everyone in striving for a Balanced Life by vividly focusing and drafting their specific Life Scenarios. Have you drawn out your life scenario? Make sure to plan it based on your wants and needs!

Life Scenario Sharing - John Wu, Sales Master

Life Scenario Sharing - Hj.Kamal, Diamond Master

Road to Success - Kenny Yong, Star Master @ Leaders Club
In his Session, Kenny Yong tells a story revolving around his Road to Success and how he achieved it through the holistic Success System provided by Atomy. Make use of the lesson, so that one day you may be the one standing on stage sharing your Road to Success!

Ceremony Performance
An spectacular and creative performance leaving audiences in awe and amazement. Could you have guessed the image before it was revealed? :)

Mastership Ceremony

Sales Master Achiever & Representative - Ng Chee Kiong & Wong Chin Sze

Congratulations to all newly promoted Sales Master for achieving the first step in your journey to success, financial freedom and life balance!

Leaders Club Pin Ceremony (Leaders Club) - Kaydence Low, Star Master @ Leaders Club
Congratulations to Kaydence Low, Star Master @ Leaders Club for her achievement! May your leadership bring all members perseverance and hope to someday meet at the top! Never give up!

Thank you to all interpreters, Usherettes and volunteers for making this event a success!

Closing event by reciting the company motto, see you next time!

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