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MARCH 2022

Date & Time: 2022-03-26 (Saturday) , 2:00pm - 6:00pm
Venue: Atomy Malaysia (Home Edition)
Total Viewers: 1,506 pax (415 from Youtube, 482 from Zoom, 609 from Fb)

In the month of March 2022, Atomy Malaysia Online Success Academy is done via Home Edition. With the never ending support of members, the Online Success Academy was a success!

Company Motto by Finics Yong, Diamond Master and the host of the Success Academy

Akuan Sumpah (Oath reciting) by Finics Yong, Diamond Master

Greeting Speech by Office Manager, Kea Wong - In his speech, he welcomes everyone to March Success Academy Home edition and shares exciting future plans in the pipeline! Are you ready?

Why Atomy - Justin Ooi, Sharon Rose Master @ Leaders Club
In his session, Justin shares Why Atomy from his personal point of view and expectations. He also shares how Atomy made him 'own' his life and 'gives' the life that he wants!

Member Story - Elda Md Jas, Sales Master

New GSGS Product Introduction - Verselle Yong, GSGS Manager
Verselle introduces the Atomy Premium Kurma Gift Set that comes with Unpitted Ajwa and Stuffed Safawi! featuring an interview session with Dr. Tengku Asmadi, Star Master @ Royal Leaders Club!

Healthy & Balanced Life - Kit Mah, Health & Wellness Fitness Icon
Kit Mah shares the steps on how to participate as a Shake Challenge contestant and also gives us a few tips on how to stay healthy and take charge of our life! All accompanied by the nutritious and healthy Atomy Soya Shake 2.0 which comes in 4 different flavors!

Balanced Life & Life Scenario - Roger Cheok, Royal Master @ Royal Leaders Club
A successful senior member of the Atomy family with background in traditional business. Roger shares on how Atomy is able to give a balanced life without the lost of Time, Freedom and precious family bonding moments. All you have to do is to have faith in the Atomy business!

Life Scenario Sharing by Elaine Min, member & Derek Low, Sales Master

Auto Sales Master - Suhaila Asmadi, Sharon Rose Master @ Leaders Club
In her session, Suhaila shares the 8 Steps to Success and how it is implemented in the eyes of the youth! Age is just a number, and anyone can succeed in Atomy regardless of age, background or status!

Atomy Shake Challenge Malaysia 2022

Mastership Promotion Ceremony

Sales Master Achiever and Representative - Reni Selvan, Sales Master

Congratulations to all newly promoted Sales Master for achieving the first step in your journey to success, financial freedom and life balance!

Congratulations to our newly promoted Leaders Club Members! May your leadership bring all members perseverance and hope to someday meet at the top! Never give up!

Leaders Club Achiever & Representative - Peter Yuan, Sharon Rose Master @ Leaders Club

Congratulations to our newly promoted Royal Leaders Club member Michelle Quek, Star Master @ Royal Leaders Club! May your exemplary Success know no bounds and keep pushing forward for all to witness!

Congratulatory Message - Mr Sewon Kim, Country Manager
In his speech, he congratulates all achievers for proving that nothing is impossible. Although this time we are not able to have the ceremony physically, he expresses his utmost gratitude and well-wishes!

Thank you to all interpreters of the day for making the Success Academy accessible by everyone. Your contribution is much appreciated by all Atomians!

Closing event by reciting the company motto, see you next time!

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