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Atomy, going beyond customer satisfaction and bringing about customer success
In an effort to achieve Atomy’s management goal of becoming a global distribution hub, Atomy has opened 13 branches overseas beginning with the launch of Atomy USA in May 2010 and on to parts of Southeast Asia, North America, Oceania, and Russia. Atomy has now become a global network marketing company with more than 5 million members all around the world.
Atomy’s two main products are Atomy Skin Care 6 System and HemoHim (a health functional supplement), both of which were developed by the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute. Other product categories include foods, household goods, and home appliances. Based on such a wide variety of quality products offered at absolutely reasonable prices, Atomy’s global sales reached 1.25 billion USD in 2018. Atomy promises it will never stop challenging the future towards new innovations and do its best to serve its customers as a lifelong partner to help them enjoy a quality life.

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