Atomy Tiongkok berubah dari stabil menjadi berkembang pesat hanya dalam kurun waktu satu tahun,

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Atomy China goes from stable to flourishing in just one year, expanding all over China – growth in second half of the year expected to see further boost

China launchedan impressive Success Academy to celebrate the 1st anniversary of its founding. On July 10, at the Atomy Dream Center in Yantai, China, Success Academy took place over eight hours with over 80,000 people watching in celebration of the 1st anniversary of Atomy China’s founding. This Success Academy in particular was noteworthy for featuring a musical drama called “Dreamlike Agreement” that recreated the story of Atomy’s founding. In one short year, Atomy China was able to expand operations all over China thanks to the driving force of consumer trust and member passion.

Success Academy in celebration of Atomy China’s 1st anniversary

21% increase in the first half of the year compared to the second half of 2020
Atomy China, which officially began operations on July 10, 2020, recorded its highest performance ever in the first of half of this year. It grew by 21% compared to the second half of last year. If this trend continues, sales will reach KRW 500 billion this year. Despite opening during an unprecedented event like COVID-19, it has gone from achieving stability to gaining major ground in just one year. Atomy China is also seeing a clear increase in the number of webinar participants, rising from 24,000 on June 26 to over 57,000 on July 31. At Atomy China, where members are eager to grow together, one official said, “Following the 1st anniversary Success Academy, the number of online one-day seminar participants is increasing remarkably.”"We expect growth in the second half of the year to be stronger," the official added. Atomy China is currently holding one-day seminars all across China, including Shandong. In July, seminars were held in 14 regions, including Xi’an in Shaanxi, Zhengzhou in Henan, Chengdu in Sichuan, Fuzhou in Fujian, Kunming in Yunnan, Changchun in Jilin, and the municipality of Chongqing, which is under the direct administration of the central government. Just one year after opening, Atomy’s name is ringing all across China, a massive country that is 95 times the size of Korea.

The GSGS strategy is one aspect that can predict Atomy China’s sustainable growth through building confidence in the company and its products. Atomy China has launched 27 types of GSGS products, including Atomy Natural Cotton Sanitary Napkins, recording nearly KRW 50 billion in sales. Its social contribution activities deserve a mention as well. In addition to donating CNY 1 million in relief to the Red Cross in response to the devastating flood that hit Xinmi, Zhengzhou, Henan in July, it is resolutely upholding the image of a company that values the soul with charity education programs, cultivation of windproof and defoliated trees, and activities for disabled children. Through such activities, Atomy China is winning many accolades at various awards ceremonies, enabling it to build consumer confidence in the company and its products. In 2020, it was selected as a “consumer choice product brand” and “global e-commerce consumer satisfaction brand” by a Chinese direct sales forum. In June 2021, it was selected as a power brand, while the 'Atomy Synergy Ampoule' once again won the top award for skincare repair serums this year at the China Beauty Expo, the largest cosmetics expo in Asia. Atomy China General Manager Byeong-gwan Park said, "I appreciate the interest and appreciation of Global Atomy members toward Atomy China. I can show everyone the dramatic growth of Atomy in the world’s largest market that is China."

Key initiatives – online shopping mall optimization, GSGS,
Atomy industrial complex construction and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
Goal is to be “the most trusted brand by consumers”
Atomy China General Manager Byeong-gwan Park

The first year of opening was not easy. Atomy China faced the unprecedented event that is COVID-19 head-on, and diligently pursued the path of growth. "It is all thanks to the members who worked to overcome difficulties together for the company without giving up. For the next year, we will overhaul systems and improve member services to become a trusted brand for members and consumers.” Atomy China General Manager Byeong-gwan Park broke down the four initiatives: • Opening an online shopping mall optimized for Chinese consumers by the first half of 2022 • Expanding GSGS to contribute not only to domestic demand, but also to exports by developing Chinese masstige products • Building an Atomy industrial complex within the Yantai Korea-China Industrial Park • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities with Chinese consumers. “Through such initiatives, we can secure Atomy’s continuous growth in the Chinese market. At the same time, we will establish a systematic and ongoing training curriculum to enhance the business skills of members.” General Manager Byeong-gwan Park’s goal is for Atomy China to adhere to principles and conduct management in a way that is ethical and creates value for customers, while growing as a platform that helps ordinary people achieve their dreams. “This is my vision of Atomy. Atomy China is just growing out of its infancy, but I’m confident that it can be achieved in the near future if we continue to strive.”

Chinese members congratulating Atomy on its 1st anniversary

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