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2020. 8. 1 넥스트 이코노미

Atomy showcases its global technological competitiveness by receiving the ‘IR52 Jang Young-Sil Award’

The world pays attention to Specialized Delivery Technology of Absolute CellActive Skin Care

Atomy, a global network marketing company that joined the 1 Billion Dollar Club, has proved its superior technology once again within the cosmetics sector.
All six products of Atomy's premium cosmetics line, ‘Absolute CellActive Skin Care’ won the 92nd ‘IR52 Jang Young-Sil Award’. This is significant in that the technology applied to ‘Absolute CellActive Skin Care’ has been recognized as technology paving a new path in this age within the industry. It is also noteworthy that this is the result of ceaseless efforts in researching and developing cosmetics in line with the global trends.

The IR52 Jang Young-Sil Award, which Atomy has recently received, was created in 1991 commemorating Jang Young-Sil, a top scientist of the Joseon Dynasty. The award is granted every week to selected Korean companies and candidates of research institutions that have led innovation in industrial technology by developing and commercializing new technology. It is the most prestigious award in the field of cosmetics, as the award acts as a standard for cosmetics companies by recognizing the company's research and development technology by granting the Jang Young-Sil Award. This is not the first time Atomy has won the IR52 Jang Young-Sil Award. This is already the second time since Atomy's Essence, which was developed in 2012 based on selective concentrated nano capsules using biotech and cosmetic manufacturing technology, received the first award. By receiving this award, Atomy has reconfirmed its global technological competitiveness not only in the health functional food sector, but also in the cosmetics sector as well.

‘Specialized Delivery Technology’ recognized as innovation technology

Behind the award is the 'Specialized Delivery Technology' that is applied to the Absolute CellActive Skin Care. 'Specialized Delivery Technology' is a technology that not only includes in the products active ingredients that improve the skin, but the technology also ensures that each of the ingredients are absorbed well into the damaged skin cells. This is why the technology is recognized as an innovative technology within the cosmetics sector.

The key to the Specialized Delivery Technology developed by Atomy is to find damaged skin cells and to deliver active ingredients to them quickly and effectively. Though the skin looks simple, there are different cells that are responsible for the moisturization, elasticity, and whitening of the skin. For example, active ingredients that help whiten the skin should be delivered to the cells that are responsible for skin whitening, while delivering active ingredients effectively for skin elasticity in the respective area would not be beneficial. Atomy’s Absolute CellActive Skin Care has maximized the effectiveness of skin beauty and improvement of skin by preventing the delivery of wrong active ingredients for each of the skin’s respective cells, while targeting only the damaged skin area. Atomy explains that the technology applied is similar to targeted drug therapy in treating cancer cells, which attacks only the cancer cells and evading the healthy ones. The effects of skin improvement in ‘Absolute CellActive Skin Care’, which has applied such a technology, has been proven by the P&K Skin Clinical Research Center.

These results were also derived from clinical tests through the P&K Skin Clinical Center, a skin clinical trial institution. The density of thick skin improved by 17.01%, and skin tone and elasticity also improved by 2.74% and 11.81% respectively. In the participants’ evaluation, the product was also recognized for its outstanding quality, by eliciting more than 90% of positive responses in areas of skin tone (whitening), skin density, moisture, and elasticity.
Even compared to the average clinical trial results of other global cosmetic brands, the degree of improvement was more than double.
In recognition of such achievements, it succeeded in obtaining a patent from KIPO (Korea Intellectual Property Office). Atomy, in cooperation with Kolmar Korea - a global cosmetics ODM company - acquired a patent from KIPO for realizing effects of improved skin with its 'Specialized Delivery Technology' that was applied to its Absolute CellActive Skin Care line in December, 2018 (Registration Patent 10-1917854. Microcapsules containing peptides with binding ability and cosmetic compositions which contains such substances).
In addition, it has also completed filing for PCT international patents and Chinese patents, and is on its way to enter the global cosmetics market.

Atomy’s Absolute CellActive Skin Care has received much love by consumers due to its excellent product quality. The product was a big enough hit to sell every 9 seconds because of its reasonable price and excellent cost-effectiveness, compared to other existing brands’ products that have the same function.

There are a total of 6 products in the product line: toner, ampoule, serum, lotion, eye complex, and nutrition cream. Since its launch in September 2017, it has achieved 300 billion won in domestic sales and is being sold in 13 countries around the world. By last June, the domestic cumulative sales volume reached 8.7 million products, and is expected to exceed 10 million within this year.

The popularity of Atomy’s cosmetic products is evaluated as the result of the following combination: outstanding ingredients, differentiated application methods, safe and thorough production management, reasonable price, excellent design, and reliable marketing.

‘Cosmeceutical’ – adding pharmaceutical technology to cosmetics

Recently, ‘cosmeceutical’ products, a compound word of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, are receiving the most attention in the global cosmetics market. This refers to a product that combines the professional treatment functions of pharmaceuticals with simple functional cosmetics. Atomy's ‘Specialized Delivery Technology’ is an example of such a product.

Atomy’s Absolute CellActive Skin Care has combined the cosmetics DDS (Drug Delivery System), which blends anti-aging and whitening functions while maintaining its properties similar to that of the skin, and pharmaceutical targeted DDS technology, which delivers the active ingredients to the damaged skin cells, with safety and precision. Beyond blending the active ingredients with stability, the ingredients of each functions are delivered to the working cells more effectively to maximize improved skin beauty.
An official in the cosmetics industry said, “Recently, it has been difficult to draw attention from consumers with just the products’ substances.” He added, “The success or failure of the product is determined by how effectively the ingredients are applied to the skin, and by which technology is applied as well. This is thus the background of Atomy’s competitiveness for its cosmetic products.

What Atomy’s Absolute Quality, Absolute Price symbolizes
Atomy’s Absolute CellActive Skin Care is considered as the symbol of ‘Absolute Quality, Absolute Price', a principle in which Atomy adheres to. ‘Absolute Quality, Absolute Price’ refers to the principle of selling good quality products at an affordable price. It is also the decisive principle that has allowed Atomy to grow into a global network marketing company, surpassing 1 trillion Korean won in sales. It has also established itself as Korea’s flagship network marketing company. Atomy's Absolute CellActive Skin Care line, created through years of research, is a ‘de-aging’ cosmetic product, which restores aged skin.

Four of Atomy’s Skincare 6 system technology have been applied to Atomy’s Absolute CellActive Skincare. Additionally, CellActive™ technology and CellActive™Code, which are the products of Atomy's own skin science technology, have been added to enable more intensive and effective skin care.

CellActive Code, which is the core technology of Absolute products, is a technology that has an optimal ratio of high-purity vegetable special EGF that helps skin regeneration, Dormin, Yosemite fermented filtrate, and lupine protein, which as a result maximizes the effects of the active ingredients. These active ingredients are not uniformly applied to all the products, but is applied to each product by differentiating the material formulation, specializing in complex anti-aging (almighty), lifting (lifting), and whitening (brightening). In addition, these active ingredients provide great improvements to the skin with CellActive technology, a state-of-the-art delivery technology that helps the active ingredients accurately reach the desired skin cells for maximum improvement.

In addition, while most cosmetic products use purified water as a base when adding plant extracts or moisturizing ingredients, Atomy's Absolute CellActive Skin Care uses ‘Green Tea Essential Water’, which includes green tea water that has a good moisturizing effect, alongside tocopherol and catechin, which are well-known for their anti-aging properties. This shows that the product is on another level, as even the base is considered carefully.
Despite the application of such valuable ingredients and unique skin science technology, the price of the product was significantly lower compared to other anti-aging products on the market. For example, in the case of L's anti-aging product line, product O, it is sold for 90,000 Korean won for its toner (150ml), 110,000 won for emulsion (150ml), 300,000 won for ampoule (30ml), and 270,000 won for cream (45ml). Also, Company A’s anti-aging cream was sold for 750,000 won (50 ml). In addition, the global beauty brand L's G ampoule is sold at 110,000 won (20 ml), and the luxury brand C's L cream is sold at 195,000 won (50 g).

On the other hand, Atomy’s Absolute CellActive Skin Care is 33,000 won for toner (150 ml), 33,000 won for ampoule (40 ml), 33,000 won for lotion (135 ml), and 33,000 won for its nutrient cream (50 ml). The difference in price and volume compared to other brands was at least two-folds, and as much as 20 times for some brands. This shows that Atomy's principle of Absolute Quality, Absolute Price, which produces the highest quality and sells at the most reasonable price, was indeed realized in its product.

Good quality is a given - Aiming for even the best design 
Atomy’s Absolute CellActive Skin Care has proven to be the best in the industry even in terms of design in addition to its already proven product quality. Atomy's Absolute CellActive Skincare Set was awarded the Small and Medium Ventures Minister Award in the design department at the '2017 Korea Good Design Award' sponsored by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy and hosted by the Korea Institute of Design Promotion.
The Good Design Award is granted to products whose excellent design is recognized through a comprehensive examination of the product’s external properties, function, material, and economic feasibility, in accordance to the Industrial Design Promotion Act. The award has been granted every year since 1985.

Interview | Director Eun-Young Lee, Atomy’s Product Plans Team ·
Senior Researcher Hyun-Sook Lee, Kolmar Korea’s Skin Care Research Center

“The best marketing is the best quality for an affordable price.”

From its developmental stage, the Absolute CellActive Skin Care was created in cooperation between Atomy, Korea's leading network marketing company, and Kolmar Korea, a global cosmetics research and development company. The two companies formed a strategic alliance with each other and formed a task force, in which a total of nine researchers were part of. Two of Atomy’s employees including Atomy’s Product Plans Team Leader Eun-Young Lee, and researchers for each category of essence, serum, ampoule, cream, lotion, and eye cream, along with Senior Researcher Hyun-Sook Lee from Kolmar Korea, joined the task force.

Kolmar Korea’s Senior Researcher Lee, said, “Since cosmetic substances are mainly handled by companies that supply ingredients, any brand company can gain access to it. In recent years, it is becoming more and more important in the industry to more effectively deliver active ingredients to the skin, rather than the actual substance in the cosmetic products.”

Eun-young Lee, Director of Atomy’s Product Plans Team, stated, “The Absolute CellActive Skin Care is a best-selling product with accumulated sales of 300 billion won. This year in the face of the COVID-19 crisis, the product line is doing well in terms of sales, amounting to more than 10 billion won on average per month. As of June, the cumulative sales volume reached 8.7 million units, and at this rate, it is expected to exceed 10 million units within this year.”
She also suggested that as the overall market is predicted to shrink due to COVID-19, the company has already made necessary preparations.

Lee added, “We conduct online streaming of all kinds of seminars and events for members, and guide virtual meetings through various online meeting apps. The in-house video team is also operated by itself, producing product introduction videos and sending out links - making transition to an online platform a relatively easy process. The actual sales’ results vary from month to month, but as of the end of June, Atomy shows a slightly higher number compared to the previous year.”

“Atomy does not advertise, but the Absolute CellActive Skin Care line has been consistently showing good results since its launch,” said Lee. “Again, the best marketing is ensured by the products’ best quality for an affordable price.”

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