Vancouver Seminar 11.07.2019

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Atomy Canada Vancouver Seminar

Date: November 7th, 2019
Venue: Executive Suites Hotel Metro Vancouver
Address: 4201 Lougheed Hwy, Burnaby, BC V5C 3Y6

MC: SM Ivy yeo
Welcoming Speech: SRM Janet Ma
Product / Compensation Lecture: SRM Rebecca Wong
Testimony: Ken Rudderham
Road to Success: STM Chun Hao Wang
# of participants: Approx. 100

November is known for the rainiest month in Vancouver. Some years experience 20 days of rain out of 30 days or more. However, Vancouver has been breaking the record for the longest stretch of no precipitation this year. Atomy Canada’s special guest from Taiwan, STM Chun Hao Wang is extremely lucky that he has only experienced clear skies and the fresh air in Vancouver. …Isn’t that lovely?

On November 7th, it was another rain-free and sunny day, Atomy Canada hosted the Vancouver Seminar at the beautiful venue, Executive Suites Hotel Metro Vancouver. Over 100 people visited the seminar during their busy schedule on Thursday night, met the foreign guest and experienced Atomy!

Let’s start the review of the fun evening at Vancouver Seminar!

MC: SM Ivy Yeo
Thank you SM Ivy Yeo for carrying the event very smoothly!

Welcoming Speech: SRM Janet Ma
“Forget about your morning schedule tomorrow, forget about your assignment due, and forget about the laundry… Please pay attention to the seminar tonight. I hope today’s seminar will change your life.”
SRM Janet Ma welcomed everyone to the Vancouver Seminar!

Products/Compensation Lecture: STM Rebecca Wong
With a lot of details, STM Rebecca Wong introduced each product included in Absolute Beauty Package! “Use every single one of Atomy product. You will know that Atomy is #1 in each product!” Atomy Canada’s exclusive promotion, Absolute Beauty Package gives you the most luxury skincare experience! Did you all make a purchase yet? Why not? It’s a chance to get a free Atomy Beauty Pouch!

It is available for another week only!

Testimony: Ken Rudderham
Product testimony was done by a member, Ken Rudderham. “I wake up in the morning and get my black coffee from…. Atomy!” Talking about his favourite product, he also shared about his dreams. Atomy is definitely a tool for everyone to achieve their goals!

Road to Success: STM Chun Hao Wang
“Even I gave up once, but my heart didn’t want to accept that.” Sharing his own experience, STM Chun Hao Wang delivered very relatable Road to Success lecture. After failing so many times, he finally met a company that is different from others and actually works. Many attendees gained very practical tips from this global leader from Taiwan!

Congratulations to the prize winners!!!!

Starting from Toronto Success Academy on November 2nd, STM Chun Hao Wang visited 2 more cities in Canada to share his stories at the seminars. It was such an honour to host a seminar here in Vancouver with a Taiwanese leader and with so many passionate members attending. Thank you so much for participating and sharing your stories. Atomy Canada has 2 more seminars left in 2019. We hope to see many more of you at the next opportunity! Thank you!


Go check the link below to access more pictures of Vancouver Seminar!

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