Atomy Canada VIP Club Workshop 05.13.2019

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Atomy Canada VIP Club Workshop

Date: May 13th, 2019
Event Time: 10:00 – 17:00
Venue: Shangri-La Banquet Hall & Convention Centre

Atomy Canada’s second VIP Club Workshop was held on May 13th for all the leaders of Atomy Canada to share their learning experience together. Over 40 leaders across Canada sat together and discussed the leadership needs for today and the future of their Atomy business.

Now, please allow us to share a review of the special day at Atomy Canada VIP Club Workshop!

Welcoming Speech: RM Namee Lee
This special VIP Workshop began with the welcoming speech by Atomy Canada's very first Royal Master, Namee Lee. Thank you, RM Namee Lee for welcome all the leaders of Atomy Canada, and sharing your experience with Atomy.

Super-Synergy of United Heart (VOD): CEO Han Gill Park

Group Discussion Time

Did you enjoy your lunch time with other leaders?

Crown Leaders Club Lecture and Q&A: CM Dong Cheol Park
Canadian leaders had an opportunity to ask questions directly to CM Dong Cheol Park. They gained advice on solving issues with their partners. Thank you, CM Dong Cheol Park for giving great tips and sharing this momentous event with us in Canada!

Transcending the Dimension (VOD): CEO Han Gill Park

Are you ready to compete for this big prize? Go go!

Group Presentation

Atomy Canada Statistics: GM Jon Oh
Where Atomy Canada is heading? Everyday, we feel that Atomy Canada is growing bigger and better than ever. What can we do to keep this growth...?

Atomy Canada is extremely proud and thankful for this opportunity to have leaders come together to learn and share the essentials of leadership. Throughout the event, many grew to be a better leader than the day before, found their leadership strength and weakness, and they were able to plan their future journey better with their team. This workshop was a meaningful event for both leaders and Atomy Canada to know one another to walk this journey together. Thank you for your continued support, and we are extremely excited to share this growth with you all.


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