Toronto Success Academy 05.11.2019

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Toronto Success Academy 05.11.2019

Date: May 11th, 2019
Event Time: 9:00 – 18:30
Venue: Delta Hotels by Marriott Toronto Airport & Conference Centre
Attendee: approx. 500

MC: DM Martin Hahn
Welcoming Speech: STM Jeannie Lee
Introductory to Atomy 101: DM Stevie Chung
Speed, Time & Growth: SRM Wayne Yap
Secret to Success in Atomy: CM Dong Cheol Park

Atomy Canada hosted 12th Success Academy in Canada. Approximately 500 people from all over Canada, as well as outside the country, met together in Toronto, to meet one another, learn secrets to success, and about this premier company!

It was another memorable day for Atomy Canada. For those who were not able to attend this time, here is the event review for Atomy Canada’s 12th Success Academy on May 11th!

Atomy Canada is back in T.O for 12th Success Academy. Success Academy was held at Delta Hotels by Marriott Toronto Airport & Conference Centre.

Since early morning, staffs and leaders showed up early to prepare for our big day. Thank you so much!

MC: DM Martin Hahn
How many of you were excited for him to be back in Toronto? Atomy Canada invited DM Martin Hahn from USA to host Toronto Success Academy!

Atomy begins Success Academy with Motto, Oath, HemoHIM, and greetings!

Oath by GM Jon Oh & Ron Piercey

Atomy Canada VIP Club Members & Global Leaders

Welcoming Speech by STM Jeannie Lee
STM Jeannie Lee represented leaders by welcoming all the members and guests to the event.

Introductory to Atomy 101 by DM Stevie Chung
First lecture was presented by DM Stevie Chung. Titled “Introductory to Atomy 101,” he introduced Atomy to Atomy newcomers!

Testimony by Carmela Commisso

Atomy - A Company of Dreams (VOD) by Chairman Han Gill Park
Looking back at Atomy’s past 10 years, Chairman shared what it was like in the early stage of Atomy, and he also predicted the direction of Atomy’s next 10 years.

Speed, Time & Growth Lecture by SRM Wayne Yap
This special lecture was presented by SRM Wayne Yap.
After witnessing many successful stories, we all know Atomy business works, but not many people are talking about the speed of the business. SRM Wayne Yap emphasized that the speed of your business does matter.

Congratulations! Today’s lucky draw winner received a Skincare 6 System set!

Testimony by Charlene Aburkhes

Testimony by Joey Navarro

Secret to Success in Atomy by CM Dong Cheol Park
Coming all the way from Korea, this true master of Global Atomy shared his path to succeed, and about proper attitude and mindset to achieve one's goals in Atomy. His inspirational lecture will help make many Atomy Canada members become future leaders!!!

Who joined us for exercises…? All attendees stood up and had a very fun exercising & dancing time!!

Life Scenario (VOD) by CEO Han Gill Park
Balanced life makes “Success” possible. Members learned how to plan their life scenarios from a lecture presented by our greatest CEO, Han Gill Park.

Drafting life Scenario

Another member won a Skincare 6 System set from the lucky draw. Congratulations!

Life Scenario Presentation


From October 1st 2018 to March 31st 2019, there were total of 80 new Sales Masters, 15 new Diamond Masters, 3 new Sharon Rose Masters, and 1 new Star Master!!!

International Violinist – Sammy V
To begin Atomy Canada’s promotion ceremony, Atomy Canada invited international violinist, Sammy V! Many danced with the music, his performance brought the venue together!

New Sales Masters

Sales Master Promotion Speech

New Diamond Masters

Diamond Master Promotion Speech

New Sharon Rose Masters

Sharon Rose Master Promotion Speech

New Star Master

Congratulations for your promotion everyone! Atomy Canada hopes your new journey is full of excitement!

Facebook Comment Challenge Winner
Did you participate in the Facebook Comment Challenge? The member with the best answer is given The Fame!!!! Thank you all for participating the competition!

Congratulations to the raffle winners!!!!

Thank you for our amazing interpreters for helping Toronto Success Academy.

We would like to appreciate all the attendees, leaders, and staff for bringing this special event together in one piece! Today was another memorable day for Atomy Canada and many of you that helped inspired us to achieve our goals. Atomy’s first 10 years has passed very quickly. Atomy Canada will walk with you for another decade and more.

On June 8th another premium event is coming to the west coast, Vancouver Success Academy! You will meet a leader from Atomy Taiwan! Please invite your partners, family members, and friends. We hope to see everyone on June 8th!


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