Vancouver Seminar 12.18.2018

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Atomy Canada Vancouver Seminar

Date: December 18th, 2018
Venue: Executive Suites Hotel Metro Vancouver
Address: 4201 Lougheed Hwy, Burnaby, BC V5C 3Y6

MC: SRM Janet Ma
Product Introduction: SM Huey Zhang
Testimony: Jessica Yee
Compensation Plan: SRM Wayne Yap
Road to Success: STM Kyung Cheol Lee
# of participants: Approx. 115

Christmas is just around the corner, and Vancouver is all covered with gold, red and green. Having these colours in the city makes everyone recall many events during the year. Of course, 2018 had been a milestone for Atomy Canada with the very first Mastership Promotion Trip and launching of the VIP Club. Now, with the Vancouver Seminar on December 18th, Atomy Canada has successfully completed all the events scheduled for 2018! 115 attended the Vancouver Seminar to learn the paths to success from a guest from overseas, STM Kyung Cheol Lee.

For those who had missed the last event of 2018, here is the review!

Atomy Canada’s Vancouver Seminar was hosted at the beautiful venue, Executive Suites Hotel Metro Vancouver.

Company Introduction VDO by Chairman Han Gill Park
Seminar started with a lecture given by our great chairman, Han Gill Park. “We believe that humans are all precious. We do not think of you as tools for making profit. Rather, we want to provide you with a tool, so that you can succeed.” That’s why we present Atomy!!

Product Introduction by SM Huey Zhang
SM Huey Zhang delivered her second presentation on products, to a great response. Not only does Atomy provide products to make you look prettier, but we offer a range of products to better your health also. Why don’t you try them to spend a “sick-free” Merry Christmas and Happy New Year season?

Testimony by Jessica Yee
Atomy Canada’s member, Jessica Yee shared her love to Atomy products. “I can talk for hours about my favorite products of Atomy!” We are very grateful to have members truly love the quality of our products. Thank you, Jessica, for your very warm stories!

Compensation Lecture by SRM Wayne Yap
Atomy Canada’s youngest Sharon Rose Master, Wayne Yap introduced Atomy’s business model. With China and India branches being planned to open in the future, SRM Wayne Yap emphasized the substantial opportunities everyone will have. It is not too late to start today!

Road to Success by STM Kyung Cheol Lee
This young leader of Global Atomy, STM Kyung Cheol Lee was here to spend some time sharing what makes you successful in Atomy. “A salesperson with the smoothest skin but with poor communication skills won’t make the best salesperson. At the same time, a salesperson with great communication skills but bad skin will still not result in the best salesperson. However, though a salesperson with bad skin and poor communication skills can make a better salesperson if he/she has a kind heart, diligence, and the ability to attract people. Then what makes him the best salesperson? It is a strong desire and dream.” Thank you, STM Kyung Cheol Lee, for sharing your strong messages!

MC: SRM Janet Ma
Thank you, SRM Janet Ma for carrying out the last event of Atomy Canada as our MC for the night. She motivated attendees to become the next leaders of Global Atomy!

It was such an honour to host a seminar here in Vancouver with a leader from Korea. Atomy Canada’s last event of 2018 ended very successfully. Thank you for taking your family and friends, and making the venue filled with the biggest crowd! We are preparing many exciting events in 2019 to spread “Absolute Quality and Absolute Price” of Atomy to many more people throughout Canada. We hope to see you and you becoming successful with us very soon!


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