Vancouver Seminar 06.14.2018

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Atomy Vancouver Seminar

Date: June 14th, 2018
Venue: Executive Suites Hotel Metro Vancouver
Address: 4201 Lougheed Hwy, Burnaby, BC V5C 3Y6

Product Introduction: SRM Rebecca Wong
Testimony: DM Jay Youm / SM Huey Zang
Compensation Plan: SRM Essie Lee
Road to Success: STM Jeannie Lee
# of Participants: 110

Vancouver, Canada’s third largest metropolis, is also where beautiful green rainforests, splendid mountains, sparkling oceans and lakes, and small wild animals live in harmony. Consistently listed among the most beautiful cities in the world by renowned publications and travelers alike, Vancouver gives off an active, liveable lifestyle and the positive energy. On June 14th, Atomy Canada hosted a seminar in this beautiful city, where more than 100 people came together from Korea, Seattle, Toronto, and other parts of Canada. Sharing lots of laughs and warm applauses, Vancouver’s reputation as an exciting, welcoming city proved to be true. For all those who were unable to experience this beautiful city and an excellent seminar, here’s an overview of the event!

The Atomy Vancouver Seminar was hosted on June 14th at the Executive Suites Hotel Metro Vancouver. It was a full-house last night. “Get more chairs! Get more chairs!” Thank you all for your cooperation and excitement!

Product Introduction Lecture by SRM Rebecca Wong

Sorry for all those who were hoping for helpful beauty tips from the bright and fashionable SRM Rebecca Wong, but her lecture on health and self-care left the audience even more motivated to take good care of your body and appearance. “Health is priceless. No matter how rich you are, you cannot buy health”.

First testimony by DM Jay Youm

Coming all the way from Toronto, DM Jay Youm delivered many smiles and laughs as he shared his experiences with an engaged audience. Yes! HemoHim is very beneficial to your immune system, but more than that…? He also LOVES the taste of HemoHim! Great!!

Second testimony by SM Huey Zang

SM Huey Zang shared an adorable and relatable story of her daughter secretly using Absolute Ampoule. No wonder her daughter’s skin looks amazing!

Compensation Plan Lecture by SRM Essie Lee

Armed with many examples, Essie Lee engaged audiences with a lecture that was fun and easy to follow, teaching audiences more about the benefits of Atomy. Remember, Atomy’s marketing system is power by unlimited lineage, global partners, and a binary system!

Road to Success Lecture by STM Jeannie Lee

“Success is a balanced life.” STM Jeannie Lee emphasized importance of having balance in your life. She also shared the 4 keys to perform well with Atomy business: live well, love, learn, and contribute. We were able to take great tips from her!

Translation by SRM Essie Lee

Thank you, DM Janet Ma for being MC for the night!

Congratulations to the prize winners!

We would like to thank everyone for attending Atomy’s Seminar in Vancouver, and we would like to emphasize how lucky we were to hold an event in this beautiful and friendly city, Vancouver. For those who were unable to attend this time, we hope to see you at the next opportunity.


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