Vancouver Success Academy 05.12.2018

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Date: May. 12.2018
Venue: Executive Plaza Hotel
Address: 405 North RD, Coquitlam, BC, V3K 3V9
MC: SRM Rebecca Wong
Oath: DM Wayne Yap
Greeting Speech: RM Ok Hee Lee
Grit: Dr. Sung-Yeon Lee (VOD)
Health Products Intro: SM Monica Kim
Beauty Products Intro: SRM Essie Lee
Compensation Plan: DM Mimi Grier
Fourth Industrial Revolution: SRM Ming Iu
Road to Success: RM Namee Lee
Life Scenario & Balanced Life: Chairman Han Gill Park (VOD)
# of Participants: 200

On the day of Success Academy, Burnaby had the perfect weather and perfect atmosphere to make our first Success Academy of the year just perfect. With many visitors from both in and out of the town, Vancouver Success Academy 2018 had begun with a cheerful start.

MC: SRM Rebecca Wong

Following our tradition in Atomy, we started the seminar by shouting out the motto and the oath together with DM Wayne Yap.

Next, RM Ok Hee Lee gave the members a greeting speech which gave inspirations to people to start Atomy business.

Informational speeches on our healthy and beauty products have been given by SM Monica Kim and SRM Essie Lee, and DM Mimi Grier, who came all the way from Seattle for this specific event took these products and put them in depth with our compensation plan.

Along with our traditional informative speeches, a new tryout of Atomy Canada was given by SRM Ming Iu. He grabbed the concept of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and matched it with Atomy, explaining about the importance of doing Atomy business in order to survive through the new revolution that is soon to be coming.

We were delighted to have RM Namee Lee join us all the way from Toronto. She shared the road she took to becoming the Royal Leader's club member. Thank you Namee for your insightful lecture.

Multiple testimonies and presentations on life scenarios were given during the event as well. As always, it was enlightening to see new members getting inspired by Atomy products and Atomy business, and we hope to see more on our upcoming events as well.

During the promotional ceremony, 106 Sales Masters, 26 Diamond Masters, 10 Sharon Rose Masters, 2 Star Masters, and 1 Royal Master have been promoted. We are glad to share their glorious moments of lives together here in Atomy Success Academy and cannot wait to see them reach higher masterships in their next ceremony events.
New products’ release information has been announced during this event as well. As announced during the seminar, Atomy Puer Tea and Atomy Rose Rain Mist are coming soon, so please wait for these items to come into your hands.

All these events were able to end in a great success, only because the members of Atomy who had come to the seminar were so enthusiastic. The reaction of the members acted as a catalyst with all the lectures and events that have been made throughout the academy. Therefore, we would like to thank all the members who joined us on the day of the event to make it successful, and all the lecturers, staff members, MC, and special leaders from abroad and different city for making this event real.
We will be back with new seminars and more exciting information.

Atomy Canada hope to see you at our next event!

Thank you

Atomy Canada Inc.

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