Review: Vancouver Seminar 02.20.18

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Vancouver Seminar 02.20.18

Date: 02.20.2018
City: Burnaby, BC
Venue: Executive Suites Hotel Pavilion Room
MC: Sharon Rose Master Rebecca Wong
Greeting Speech: Sharon Rose Master Ming Iu
Atomy Products Introduction: Sales Master Monica Kim
Compensation Plan: Sharon Rose Master Aeri Jeong
Testimony: Huey Zheng
Atomy Vision / Road to Success: Crown Master Dong Cheol Park
Translation: Sharon Rose Master Aeri Jeong
# of participants: 130

Chinese New Year have passed by, and season is passing by as well. Vancouver’s last official winter seminar has opened on February 21st, 2018. Vancouver’s seminar hit again with many visits from all around the world. With our special guest who had it coming from Korea, many came along to welcome both the special guest and Atomy Canada’s Vancouver Seminar. Leader’s club members came from Toronto and United States of America as well. The meeting room was filled with passion and pride so much last night that it was almost too crowded!

We would like to introduce you to the members of Atomy who led last night’s seminar of 02.20.2018 into a big success.

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