2022 - Sydney AUG Success Academy

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Date: 27th August 2022
Time: 2pm-9pm
Venue: Novotel Sydney Parramatta Hotel

Emcee: DM Robbin Chng
Oath: SRM Hannah Seo
Greeting: Country Director Sean Lee
Welcome Speech: SRM Jack Zheng
Company Introduction: STM Jina Ryu
Product Presentation: SM Monica Park, SM Douglas Yoo
Compensation Plan: DM Joo Armstrong
How to write your Life Scenario: DM Sarah Kim
Life Scenario sharing: SM Erika Le, Don Ahn
Performance: HORIZON Dance Crew

Mastership representatives:
SM: Peggy Sun
DM: Annie Park
SRM: Mawi Tuallawt 

Road to Success: CM Jac Law & Fenn Ten

Interpreters: SRM Jack Zheng, SRM Lina Zhu, DM Janet Lee, SM Alan Wong

Thanks to everyone who attended!

Special thanks to all our volunteers, staff and interpreters.

Thanks to Atomy Malaysia, New Zealand and HQ for their support!

This was our first Success Academy in 3 years! It's great to be back and we hope you all enjoyed it. We will strive to make it bigger and better in the future, see you all in Melbourne for the next one!

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