2022 - Melbourne AUGUST One Day Seminar

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Melbourne One Day Seminar: 5th August 2022

Attendance was around 60

Emcee of the day: DM Carmen Chan
Company Introduction by: STM Jina Ryu
Compensation plan by: STM Jina Ryu
Special Speech: Carmen Lau (Compassion Australia)
Special Speech: Brett House (Manuikalife)
Product Presentation by: DM Cherry Myint and Chris Yoon
Journey to Sales Master by: SRM Carrie Ryu

Special thanks to our hard-working staff, without their effort, we could not have been able to run the seminar. Also a special thanks to Carrie Ryu who stepped in to speak for us last minute, thanks a lot!

Thank you everyone for attending and there will be many more events to come!

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