2019- Sydney NOV Success Academy

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Date: 23rd November

Time: 2pm-10pm
Venue: Novotel Sydney Parramatta Hotel
Emcee: Ria Radjatjut
Oath: DM Jack Zheng
Greeting: AO Dir manager, Sally Kim + DM Brandon Tan

Company Introduction: SM Douglas Yoo
Product Presentation: SM Hannah Seo
Compensation Plan: DM Brandon Tan
Testimony: Gemma Herrera + Inhwa Chamberlain.

Atomy Vision: DM Jack Zheng
How to write Life Scenario- SM Troy Jones + DM Anh Tran
My Life Scenario Presentation- SM Troy Jones + DM Anh Tran

Mastership representatives:
SM- Qiuwen Tian from Sydney, Suyeon Yu from Auckland New Zealand.

Thank you all for a successful and wonderful success Academy!!

Special guest and part of the Royal Leaders Club: Royal Master: Suryun Lee!!
+ Awesome interpreter SM Jenny Jung!
An hour and a half of heart pounding lecture. About her history, her commitment to success and the vision of Atomy and how you can keep going to find your own success!!

Thank you to all speakers, volunteers, staff of Novotel Sydney Parramatta for making this event possible.
See you all in 2020- Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

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