2019- Melbourne October Success Academy

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Date: 26th October 2019
Time: 2pm-10pm 
Venue: 1330 Convention Centre
Emcee: Ria Radjatjut
Oath: SRM Sara Lee
Greeting: AO Dir manager, Sally Kim and STM + Special Guest Nari Jung

Company Introduction: SRM Mimi Choi
Product Presentation: SM Theresa Kim
Compensation Plan: DM Robin Chng from Perth
Testimony: Pearl Garcia from Darwin

Atomy Vision: DM Jack Zheng from Sydney

How to write Life Scenario- SM Alan Wong
My Life Scenario Presentation- Maryanna Volfman

Mastership representatives:
SM- Reni Saraswati, Mandy Ng
DM- Teddy Apostol.

Thank you all for a successful and wonderful success Academy!!

Special guest and part of the Royal Leaders Club: Star Master Jooyoung Park!!
An hour and a half lecture on the fine details of atomy business and how to succeed in achieving passive income- to achieve freedom both time-wise and financially. The system is what matters and the guests in the room got to hear the very specific business plan and details on how to achieve their dreams. 

Thank you to all speakers, volunteers, staff of 1330 for making this event possible. 
See you all in Sydney in November for our Special Christmas event.

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